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/maajii-/ initial

start, start off, start moving
maajiiba' vta start running with, run off with h/
maajiiba'igo vai s/he rides off, drives off (drawn by horse or dog)
maajiiba'iwe vai s/he runs away from someone in fear, flees
maajiibatoo vai s/he starts to run, runs off
maajiibide vii it starts running, starts operating; it drives off, speeds off
maajiibizo vai s/he starts running, starts operating; s/he drives off, speeds off
maajiidaabii'iwe vai s/he starts to drive away
maajiidoon vti2 carry, take it away
maajiigi vai s/he starts growing, grows up
maajiigidaazo vai s/he goes off angry, goes off mad
maajiigi' vta start growing, raising h/
maajiigin vii it starts growing, grows up
maajiigitoon vti2 start growing, raising it
maajii'am vai2 s/he starts to sing
maajiikan vti start working on it
maajiikaw vta start working on h/
maajiikwazhiwe vai s/he paddles off, swims off (as a fish)
maajiinizha' vta chase h/ off, chase h/ away
maajiishimo vai s/he dances away, starts off dancing
maajiishkaa vii it starts to move
maajiishkaa vai s/he or it (animate) starts to move
maajiiwane vai s/he starts off carrying a pack
maajiiwanen vai + o start off carrying it (a pack)
maajiiwidoon vti2 carry, take it away
maajiiwizh vta carry, take h/ away
maajiiyaadaga'oodoon vti2 pull, tow it away through the water
maajiiyaadagaa vai [S] s/he starts off swimming
maajiiyaadagaako vai s/he starts off on the ice
maajiiyaandawe vai s/he starts to climb
maajiiyaasin vii it starts to blow away
maajiiyaazhagaame vai s/he starts off along the shore
maajiiyoode vai s/he starts to crawl off