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/maagw-/ initial

press. squeeze
maagobidoon vti2 press, squeeze, wring it
maagobizh vta press, squeeze, wring h/
maagojiibidoon vti2 squeeze it (something soft and hollow or belly-like)
maagojiibizh vta squeeze h/ belly, squeeze h/ (something soft and hollow or belly-like)
maagon vta press on h/ (with hand)
maagonan vti press on it (with hand)
maagoshkan vti press, squeeze it (with foot or body)
maagoshkaw vta press, squeeze h/ (with foot or body)
maagoshkoodoon vti2 press it down [by weight]
maagoshkoozh vta press h/ down (by weight)
maagowebishkaw vta press down on h/ forcefully (with foot or body); kick start h/ (a motorcycle)
maagwam vta bite down on h/
maagwandan vti bite down on it
maagwapidoon vti2 tie it down tight
maagwapizh vta tie h/ down tight
maagwaakwa'an vti press on it with something stick-like; clamp it down