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/-kaw/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) by foot or body
agaamindekaw vta live across from h/ in the lodge
aaboozikaw vta put h/ on inside out, wear h/ inside out
aanzikaw vta change h/ (something on the foot or body)
aazikaw vta get there before h/, beat h/ there
baasikaw vta crack, shatter h/ (with foot or body)
bezhigookaw vta work on h/ alone; fight h/ alone
bisikaw vta bump h/ (with foot or body); hit h/ in an accident; body check h/
bizikaw vta bump, accidentally run into or over h/
bizokaw vta stumble on h/
biimaskokaw vta twist h/, turn h/ around (with foot or body)
gagwezikaw vta
  1. test h/ (with foot or body)
  2. try h/ on
gaanzikaw vta push, nudge h/ (with foot or body)
giimikaw vta sneak up on h/; stalk h/
giizikaw vta take it (something animate worn) off
gozikaw vta
  1. test h/ (with foot or body)
  2. try h/ on
maajiikaw vta start working on h/
napaazikaw vta wear h/ the wrong way; put h/ on the wrong way
naazikaw vta [N] go to, approach h/