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/-izo/ final

s/he, it (animate) is heated; is affected by fire, the sun, or the moon
abaakiganezo vai s/he warms h/ front against fire
abaawiganezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) back
abidiyezo vai s/he warms h/ rear against fire
abininjiizo vai s/he warms h/ (own) hands
abizidezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) foot or feet
abizo vai s/he warms up at a heat source (a fire, a stove, the sun, etc.)
abiingwezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) face against the fire
abwezo vai s/he sweats
agwaabikizo vai s/he burns things to the pan
amadaakizo vai s/he wakes from heat or from burning
angozo vai it (animate) melts away
angwaakizo vai s/he or it (animate) burns up, is burnt completely (so nothing is left)
apiitizo vai it (animate) is cooked a certain extent or at a certain speed
ashkizo vai it (animate) is incompletely cooked
babiizigaakizo vai s/he curls h/ hair
bagwaakizo vai s/he has a hole burned in h/
bakaakizo vai it (animate; string-like) is broken or parted (by heat or fire)
baapaasaabiganizo vai clay cracks or is cracked from heat
baasaabikizo vai it (animate; mineral) cracks or is cracked (from fire or blasting)
baasizo vai s/he cracks, shatters (from heat)
baashkijiizo vai it (animate; bag- or belly-like) bursts open, pops open (from heat)
baashkizo vai s/he explodes, blows up; s/he bursts from heat
bengozo vai s/he is cooked dry (without grease or water), is grilled
bengwadowezo vai its (animate) fur dries
bengwegizo vai it (animate; sheet-like) dries by heat or fire
biigozo vai s/he breaks by heat
bwaawaakizo vai s/he doesn't burn, is unable to burn
dagozo vai it (animate) is cooked with something else
danaakizo vai s/he burns in a certain place; s/he is photographed there
danizo vai s/he is cooked in a certain place
dawaakizo vai it (animate) has a passage burned through it
daadozo vai s/he splits open (from heat)
daashkaabikizo vai s/he splits in the heat (i.s.)
daashkaakizo vai s/he splits in the fire
gaapizo vai it (animate) is cooked or roasted dry and crisp, is parched
gibozo vai it (animate) cooks in the oven, bakes
ginibaakizo vai s/he burns quickly
ginibizo vai it (animate) cooks quickly
gipagizo vai s/he gets thick (by heat)
gizhaabikizo vai s/he (mineral/metal) heats up, is hot
gizhizo vai
  1. s/he or it (animate) is hot
  2. s/he has a fever
giiwashkweyaakizo vai s/he is dizzy from the heat
giizhiminagizo vai it (animate; berrylike, grain) is fully ripe
giizhizo vai s/he is cooked, is done cooking
giizizo vai s/he is cooked, is done cooking
gwiishkoshwewegamizo vai s/he whistles from boiling
inaakizo vai s/he burns a certain way
inizo vai s/he is cooked a certain way
iskigamizo vai s/he boils down
jaagaakizo vai s/he burns
jaagizo vai s/he burns
madwegamijiizo vai h/ stomach growls
madwegamizo vai it (animate) makes noise boiling
madweyaakizo vai s/he is heard burning, "you" can hear h/ burning
mamagozo vai it is bumpy, is bubbling as it cooks
mazinaakizo vai s/he or it (animate) is pictured, is photographed
maadaakizo vai s/he starts burning
minozo vai s/he is well cooked
mitaabikizo vai s/he is cooked dry (without grease or water), is grilled
miiwaakizo vai s/he can't stand the heat
mookwaakizo vai s/he cries from the heat, cries from being burned
nawadizo vai s/he or it (animate) catches fire
ningaabikizo vai it (animate; mineral) melts
ningizo vai it (animate) melts, thaws
niigozo vai s/he breaks by heat
nookaakizo vai s/he softens by heat or flame
nookizo vai s/he is cooked tender
odaapizo vai it (animate) shrinks (from heat)
ojibozo vai it (animate) shrivels from heat
ojibwaakizo vai it (animate) shrivels, puckers in the fire
ombaagamizo vai it (animate; liquid) rises, bubbles up as it cooks
ombijiizo vai it (animate) rises, swells up from heat; it (animate) is cooked until it pops
onzaamaakizo vai s/he is burnt crisp
onzaamizo vai it (animate) is overcooked
ozaawaakizo vai it (animate) is toasted, is browned (by heat or fire)
ozaawegizo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is browned from smoking
wakewizo vai it (animate) cooks easily, cooks fast
waabizo vai it (animate) turns light (in color)
waasaabikizo vai it (animate; mineral) shines, glitters, reflects light
waasindibezo vai he has a shiny bald head
waasizo vai s/he or it (animate) shines, glitters, reflects light
wiisagaakizo vai s/he hurts from being burnt
zakizo vai s/he or it (animate) catches fire; s/he has a fire at h/ place
zhaabwaakizo vai
  1. s/he gets x-rayed
  2. it (animate) is burned through
zhishigozo vai it (animate) is cooked mushy
zhiibaayaakizo vai s/he gets x-rayed
ziigigamizo vai it (animate) boils over (e.g., a ketle)