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/ishp-/ initial

ishpabi vai s/he sits high; s/he has a high office, is the chairman
ishpadinaa vii it is a high hill or ridge
ishpadowe vai s/he has deep fur
ishpagim vta charge a high price for h/
ishpagindan vti charge a high price for it
ishpagindaaso vai s/he charges a high price
ishpaginde vii it is high-priced
ishpaginzo vai
  1. s/he is high-priced
  2. s/he is high in rank, status, or office
ishpagoode vii it hangs high
ishpagoodoon vti2 hang it high or higher
ishpagoojin vai
  1. s/he hangs high
  2. the sun is high in the sky
ishpagoozh vta hang h/ high or higher
ishpagoozi vai s/he is perched up high
ishpakamigaa vii it is high ground
ishpakide vii it stands high
ishpakidoon vti2 erect it high
ishpakii vii it stands high out of the ground, grows high
ishpashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a high stalk, is high
ishpashkosiwagaa vii there is high grass
ishpaa vii it is high up
ishpaabi vai s/he looks up high
ishpaabikaa vii there is a high rocky ridge or cliff
ishpaabiigagoodoon vti2 hang it high or higher
ishpaabiigibide vii it moves up high fast on a string or line
ishpaabiigibidoon vti2 pull it up high on a rope, hoist it up high
ishpaagamishkaa vii it (temperature) goes high, is above zero; it (blood) is high in pressure
ishpaagonagaa vii it is deep snow
ishpaakosidoon vti2 pile it (stick-like) up high
ishpaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies piled high
ishpaakoshim vta pile h/ (stick-like) up high
ishpaakoshin vai s/he (stick-like) lies piled high
ishpaandawe vai s/he climbs high
ishpaasin vii it is blown high (by the wind); sails, soars high
ishpaashi vai s/he is blown high (by the wind); sails, soars high
ishpaatenan vti shine it higher
ishpendan vti think highly of, esteem, respect it
ishpenim vta think highly of h/
ishpenimo vai s/he is proud, has self-respect
ishpibide vii it flies high
ishpibizo vai s/he speeds, flies higher; ascends in flight
ishpibiiyaa vii the water rises, is high
ishpigwaashkwani vai s/he jumps high
ishpin vta hold, lift h/ high
ishpinan vti [BG] [BL] hold, lift it high
ishpinikeni vai s/he raises h/ arm, raises h/ hand
ishpise vai s/he flies high
ishpise vii it flies high
ishpisidoon vti2 pile it high
ishpisin vii it is piled high, lies in a high pile; it is at a high setting
ishpishim vta pile h/ high
ishpishin vai it (animate) is piled high, lies in a big pile
ishpiweba' vta knock h/ high (using something)
ishpiweba'an vti knock it high (using something)
ishpiwebin vta throw h/ high
ishpiwebinan vti throw it high
ishpiwebishkan vti kick it high
ishpiwebishkaw vta kick h/ high
ishpoonagad vii it (a boat) is high