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/-in/ final

act on h/ or it (animate) by hand
agon vta hold h/ or it (animate) up against
agwaabiigin vta take h/ or it (animate) off the water
ajidin vta hold h/ upside down
amadin vta wake h/, wake h/ (by touching with the hand)
andoojiin vta [N] feel for, grope for h/ or it (animate); (try to) find h/ or it animate (with the hand)
aniben vta hold h/ slanted; tilt h/
animikon vta turn h/ face down, turn h/ facing away
asigin vta gather h/ up, collect h/
ashidaakon vta hold h/ against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
ashidin vta hold h/ against something
ashoodakamigin vta hold h/ down on the ground; keep h/ down on the ground
azhen vta return h/, take h/ back, hand h/ back
aabaabiigin vta unwind, unravel it (animate); string-like)
aabiskon vta undo h/ (by hand)
aabiskwegin vta unfold, unwrap h/ or it (animate) (as something sheet-like)
aabiigin vta unfold h/; unwrap h/
aaboodin vta turn h/ inside out
aaboojiigin vta turn h/ inside out (sheet-like)
aandin vta change the grip on h/; change the way h/ is handled
aason vta support h/ (with hand); take care of, look after, support, provide for, adopt h/
aazhawaabiigin vta string h/ (as a net) across
aazhigidin vta turn h/ face up
babaamaabiigin vta lead h/ around on a leash or line
badagoshkwemaginan vti cover it with bark
bagidaabiigin vta let h/ out on a line
bagidin vta
  1. set h/ down; offer, release h/
  2. allow h/
bakon vta skin it (animate)
bakwen vta take a piece off h/ (by hand)
banaskoninjiin vta straighten out h/ hand or paw; open up h/ hand or paw
banin vta let h/ drop, have h/ fall out of the hand
bawaagonen vta brush snow off h/ (by hand)
bawegin vta shake h/ out (as something sheet-like)
bawin vta shake h/
baakaabowen vta lift the cover or lid off it (animate) (something containing a liquid)
baakin vta uncover h/ or it (animate), open it (animate), turn it (animate) on
baakininjiin vta open up h/ hand or paw
baapaawin vta shake it (animate) off
bepeshin vta tag h/
bezhigwaabiigin vta use one strand of it (animate), sew with it (a single thread)
bikwaakwadwaagonagin vta make h/ (snow) into a snowball
bimaabiigin vta string h/ along
bimidaakon vta put, hold h/ crosswise
biskaabikin vta fold, bend it (animate; metal) over (by hand)
biskin vta bend h/ over, bow h/
biskiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) (with hand)
bishigon vta drop or let h/ go from your grasp; miss grabbing or catching h/
biidin vta hand h/ over (here)
biigon vta break h/ (by hand); dismantle h/
biimaskon vta twist, turn h/ (around a central point)
biimin vta twist, turn h/ (around a central point)
biimiskon vta turn, twist h/ (by hand); twist, turn h/ (around a central point)
biindaabikin vta put h/ in the oven
boozaabikin vta grease, oil, lubricate h/ (mineral/metal)
boozin vta [BL] grease, lubricate h/ (by hand); annoint h/
boozinan vti [BL] grease, lubricate it (by hand); annoint it
bwaawin vta have trouble handling, holding or lifting h/ ; be unable to handle, hold or lift h/
dagon vta add h/ in, mix h/ in
dakon vta
  1. hold, take hold of h/
  2. arrest h/
danin vta hold h/ in a certain place
daangaawiganen vta touch h/ on the back
daangin vta touch h/ (with hand)
debin vta reach for h/
dibaabiigin vta measure h/ (as with something string-like)
dibaakon vta judge h/
didibin vta roll it (animate) up
dookin vta poke h/
gagwedin vta test h/ or it (animate) by touch
gagwejiigin vta test it (animate; sheet-like) by touch
gakakiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) into a square
gakiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) at a right-angle or corner
ganakin vta [MN] take some of it (animate), take a handful of it (animate)
ganikin vta [BL] take some of it (animate), take a handful of it (animate)
gashkin vta be able to hold, lift, carry h/ or it (animate)
gashkiigin vta wrap h/
gashkiiwegin vta wrap h/, it (animate) in a bundle
gawin vta upset h/ (by hand)
gaandaabikin vta set h/ (a clock) ahead or fast
gaandin vta push h/
gibinewen vta cause h/ to choke, choke h/
gibishen vta cover h/ ears, block h/ ears
gibitawagen vta cover h/ ears, block h/ ears
gichiwin vta hold h/ back; keep h/ from going
gidin vta remove h/ or it (animate), take h/ or it (animate) off or out (by hand)
gidiskaabiigin vta release, disconnect, unhook, unplug h/ (as something string-like)
gidiskin vta free, disconnect h/; take h/ off something
gijinagizhiin vta gut, disembowel h/
gikinjigwen vta hug, embrace h/
ginagijiin vta tickle h/ (at the mid-section)
ginigawin vta mix it (animate) in
giziibiigin vta wash h/ (by hand)
giziibiigindiben vta wash h/ hair
giziibiigininjiin vta wash h/ hands
giziibiigiziden vta wash h/ feet
giziin vta wipe h/ (by hand)
giziininjiin vta wipe h/ hand or hands; wash h/ hand or hands
giziisaginan vti wipe it (a floor); wash it (a floor)
giichigon vta remove h/ or it (animate), take h/ or it (animate) off or out (by hand); remove, extricate h/
giitaabikin vta remove h/ from a trap
giizhaakon vta finish deciding about or judging h/
giizhijiishkiwagin vta finish shaping h/ (something mud-like)
godin vta test h/ with hand
googiin vta dunk h/, dip h/ into the water
gwekin vta turn h/ (by hand)
gwekiigin vta turn or flip it (animate; sheet-like) over
ikon vta set h/ out of the way
ikwaabiigin vta pull h/ up with a rope
inaabiigin vta string h/ a certain way
inaagin vta bend h/ a certain way
inaakon vta decide about h/ a certain way; judge h/ a certain way; sentence h/ a certain way
inin vta hold, handle h/ a certain way
ishkon vta reserve, save, leave h/
ishpin vta hold, lift h/ high
izhiigin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) a certain way
jaagin vta use h/ up, deplete h/, spend all of h/
jekibiin vta dip, dunk it (animate) (into a liquid)
jiibwegin vta fold it (animate; sheet-like) to a point
mamaadin vta manipulate h/, move h/ back and forth
mamaajigaaden vta move h/ legs
mamaanjigon vta hold h/ so h/ can't move, restrain h/
mashkawin vta hold h/ tight, have a firm grip on h/
mashkawinan vti hold it tight, have a firm grip on it
mayaawin vta hold or turn h/ or it (animate) upright, hold or turn h/ or it (animate) straight up
mazinijiishkiwagin vta mold image of h/ with clay
maagon vta press on h/ (with hand)
maamigin vta collect them (animate) together, gather them (animate)
maanin vta hold, handle h/ wrong
mikon vta find h/ with the hand
mikoobiigin vta feel h/ in the water, find h/ in the water (with the hand)
mikoojiin vta find, discover, feel h/ or it (animate) with the hand or fingers
minjimin vta hold h/ in place, steady h/
miinon vta put h/ right
miiwin vta push h/ away, reject h/
moozhagin vta pick them (animate) up; gather, collect them (animate)
nabagin vta flatten h/ (by hand)
nabon vta fold h/ over
nabwaabiigin vta double it (animate; string-like)
nabwegin vta fold h/ over (sheet-like)
na'in vta bury h/ or it (animate); put away, store h/
namadaakon vta hold it (animate; stick-like) upright, right side up
nanaa'in vta put h/ in order; put h/ away; fix, repair h/
nanaakon vta fight h/ back
nanaandoojiin vta feel around for h/ or it (animate)
nandoojiin vta feel for, grope for h/ or it (animate); (try to) find h/ or it animate (with the hand)
napaadin vta hold h/ the wrong way
nawadin vta grab, seize h/
naabakiin vta transplant h/
naazhaabiigin vta lower h/ on a rope
naazhin vta stroke, rub h/
ningwakamigin vta put h/ under the ground
ningwaagonen vta bury h/or it (animate) in the snow (by hand)
niimaakon vta hold, carry h/ on stick
niimin vta hold h/ or it (animate) out
niisaabiigin vta lower h/ on a rope
niisin vta lower h/
noogin vta stop h/, stop h/ with the hand
noomaabikin vta lubricate h/
noomin vta grease, oil h/
odaapin vta take, accept, pick h/ up
ombaabiigin vta hoist h/; lift, raise h/ with a rope
ombaakon vta lift h/ (stick-like) (by hand)
ombigaaden vta lift h/ leg
ombin vta lift, raise h/
onadin vta form, shape, knead, mold h/ (a soft substance) (by hand)
onaagin vta bend it (animate) into shape, shape it by hand
onaagonen vta s/he forms or shapes it (animate) as snow
onaakon vta decide on, judge, sentence h/
ondin vta get, obtain h/ from a certain place
onin vta
  1. form, shape, assemble, order it (animate); get it (animate) ready (by hand)
  2. deal it (animate; playing cards)
ozhijiishkiwagin vta form it (animate; something mud-like such as dough or clay) into shape
ozhiigin vta fold, prepare, set h/ (something sheet-like); roll h/ [cigarette]
wanaabikin vta set h/ (machine, clock) wrong, put h/ in the wrong gear
wanin vta take, touch h/ (the wrong one)
waagin vta bend h/ (with hand)
webaabiigin vta swing h/ (on a swing); swing h/ with a line (as a baby in a cradle swing)
webin vta
  1. throw h/ away
  2. separate from, divorce h/
wewebaabiigin vta swing h/ (on a swing); swing h/ with a line (as a baby in a cradle swing)
wewebin vta swing h/
wiikwaabiigin vta pull h/ with a rope
wiiwegin vta wrap h/
zagakin vta put h/ away; tidy h/
zagakiigin vta fold and put it (animate; sheet-like) away
zagaabiigin vta attach a line to h/ or it (animate); lead h/ on a leash or line
zagaanowen vta hold, grab h/ by the tail
zagigaaden vta hold, grab h/ by the leg
zagigwen vta hold h/ by the neck
zaginiken vta hold, grab h/ by the arm
zagininjiin vta shake hands with h/
zagiziden vta hold, grab h/ by the foot
zagizhigwanen vta hold it (animate) by the fishtail
zagiigin vta hold on to h/ clothes
zagiiginan vti hold onto it (sheet-like)
zhaabon vta put h/ through
zaagidin vta put h/ out; let h/ out; evict h/
zaamin vta [BL] touch h/ (with hand)
zaamininiken vta [BL] touch h/ on the arm
zaamininjiin vta touch h/ on the hand
zhegon vta stick it (animate) in a tight place, insert it (animate)
zhingaden vta spread h/ out
zinigogaaden vta rub h/ leg, massage h/ leg
zinigon vta rub h/ with something
zinigoninjiin vta massage h/ hand; rub h/ hand
zinigwazhen vta [BR] rub h/ skin
zhiibaayaabiiginan vti pull it under something on a line
zhiigon vta empty h/
zhiigoojiin vta deflate h/
ziikoobiigin vta drain all of a liquid out of it (animate)
ziinibiigin vta wring h/ out
ziinin vta milk h/; strip liquid from h/ (by hand)
zhooshkon vta slide h/ (or it (animate) (with hand)