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/-in/ final

act on it by hand
agonan vti hold it up against
agwaabiiginan vti take it out of or off the water
ajidinan vti hold it upside down
anibenan vti hold it slanted; tilt it, turn it over (spilling out the contents)
animikonan vti turn it face down, turn it facing away
apiitaabikinan vti set it at such a temperature (of a stove)
asiginan vti gather it up, collect it
ashidaakonan vti hold it against the wall (or something wood- or stick-like)
ashidinan vti hold it against something
azhenan vti return it, take it back, hand it back
aabashkwemaginan vti undo, untie, unwrap it from a bark wrapping
aabaabiiginan vti unwind, unravel it (as something string-like)
aabiskonan vti undo it (by hand)
aabiskweginan vti unfold, unwrap it (sheet-like)
aabiiginan vti unfold it; unwrap it
aaboodinan vti turn it inside out (using something)
aaboojiiginan vti turn it inside out (sheet-like)
aandaabikinan vti shift the gears on it
aandaakonan vti change the law on it; give it a new ruling
aandinan vti change the grip on it; change the way it is handled
aasonan vti support it (with hand); steady it
aataweyaabikinan vti [BL] turn it (something of metal like a stove or heater) off
aazhawaabiiginan vti string it across
aazhideyiiginan vti overlap it (sheet-like), fold it back over to form a seam
aazhigidinan vti turn it face up
bagidaabiiginan vti let it out on a line
bagidinan vti
  1. set it down; offer, release it
  2. allow it
bakonan vti skin it
bakwadinan vti take it off or remove it from something it is part of or attached to
bakwenan vti take a piece off it (by hand)
baninan vti let it drop, have it drop out of the hand
bawaagonenan vti brush snow off it (by hand)
baweginan vti shake it out (as something sheet-like)
bawinan vti shake it
baakaabowenan vti lift the cover or lid off it (something containing a liquid)
baakaakonan vti open it (something solid or of wood)
baakinan vti uncover it, open it up
baakindenan vti open it (a cloth or hide door cover) by pulling it aside
baakiiginan vti open it (something sheet-like); unwrap it
baakiingwen vta uncover h/ face
baapasaabiiginan vti tighten it (something string-like)
baapaawinan vti shake it off
bezhigwaabiiginan vti use one strand of it
bigishkinan vti break it apart into pieces (by hand)
bimaabiiginan vti string it along
bimidaakonan vti put, hold it crosswise
biskaabikinan vti fold, bend it (metal) over (by hand)
biskaabiiginan vti fold it (string-like)
biskinan vti bend it over, bow it
biskiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like)
bishigonan vti drop or let it go from your grasp; miss grabbing or catching it
bizhishigwaabikinan vti empty it (as something metal or mineral)
biidaaginan vti bend it here, this way
biidinan vti hand it over (here)
biigonan vti break it (by hand); dismantle it, tear it down
biimaskonan vti twist, turn it (around a central point)
biiminan vti turn, twist it (around a central point)
biimiskonan vti turn, twist it (around a central point)
biindaabikinan vti put it in oven
boozaabikinan vti grease, oil, lubricate it (mineral)
booziginan vti [BL] grease, oil it [wood]
bwaawinan vti have trouble handling, holding or lifting it; be unable to handle, hold or lift it
dagonan vti add it in, mix it in
dagwaagaminan vti add it to a drink
dakonan vti hold, take hold of it
daninan vti hold it in a certain place
dazhwaabikinan vti spread it (mineral) by hand; straighten it (mineral) by hand
dazhweginan vti spread it out flat
daangigwanenan vti sign it
daanginan vti touch it (with hand)
debinan vti
  1. reach for it
  2. achieve, accomplish it
dibaabiiginan vti measure it (as with something string-like)
dibaakonan vti judge it
didibashkwemaginan vti roll it up as bark
didibinan vti roll it up
dookinan vti poke it
gadiskaakonan vti [BL] unbutton it
gagwedinan vti test it by touch
gagwejiiginan vti test it (something sheet-like) by touch
gakakiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like) into a square
gakiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like) at a right angle or corner
ganakinan vti [MN] take some of it, take a handful of it
ganikinan vti [BL] take some of it, take a handful of it
gashkaabowenan vti seal the lid on it
gashkaakonan vti bar, lock it (as something stick- or wood-like)
gashkinan vti be able to hold, lift, carry it
gashkiigashkwemaginan vti cover it over with bark
gashkiiginan vti wrap it
gashkiiweginan vti wrap it in a bundle
gawinan vti upset it by hand
gaandaabikinan vti set it (throttle) fast
gaandinan vti push it
gaasiiyaabikinan vti wipe it (mineral) off (by the hand), erase it (mineral) (by the hand)
gibaabikinan vti close it (mineral/metal)(by hand), lock it by turning a bolt or latching it; close the damper on it
gibaakon vta close h/; block h/; lock h/ out
gidinan vti remove it, take it off or out (by hand)
gidiskaabiiginan vti release, disconnect, unhook, unplug it (as something string-like)
gidiskaakonan vti [S] free, disconnect it; take it off something; unfasten it (o.s.)
gidiskinan vti free, disconnect it; take it off something
ginigawinan vti mix it in
giziibiiginan vti wash it (by hand)
giziinan vti wipe it (by hand)
giichigonan vti take it off or out; remove, extricate it
giizhaakonan vti finish deciding about, judging, or planning it
godaagaminan vti test it (a liquid) with the hand
godinan vti test it with hand
goshkwaawaadinan vti hold it still
googiinan vti dunk it, dip it into the water
gwanabinan vti tilt it, turn it over (spilling out the contents)
gwekinan vti turn it (by hand)
gwekiiginan vti turn or flip it (sheet-like) over
ikonan vti set it out of the way
ikwaabiiginan vti pull it up with a rope
ikweginan vti hold or put it (something sheet-like) higher, out of the way
inaabikinan vti set it (a machine, a stove) a certain way
inaabiiginan vti string it a certain way
inaaginan vti bend it a certain way
inaakonan vti decide a certain way about it; judge it a certain way
inaatenan vti shine it in a certain direction
ininan vti hold, handle it a certain way
ishkonan vti reserve, save, leave it
ishpaatenan vti shine it higher
ishpinan vti [BG] [BL] hold, lift it high
izhiiginan vti fold it (sheet-like) a certain way
jaaginan vti use it up, deplete it
jekaagaminan vti dip it in (a liquid)
jekibiinan vti dip, dunk it (in a liquid)
jiibweginan vti fold it (sheet-like) to a point
mamaadinan vti manipulate it, move it back and forth
mamaanjigonan vti hold it so it can't move, restrain it
mamigonan vti rub it in the hand to loosen it
mayaawinan vti hold or turn it upright, hold or turn it straight up
mazinijiishkiwaginan vti mold image of it with clay
maagonan vti press on it (with hand)
maamiginan vti collect them (inanimate) together, gather them (inanimate)
maaninan vti hold, handle it wrong
maawandoonan vti bring them (inanimate) together
mikonan vti find it by the hand
mikoobiiginan vti feel it in the water, find it in the water (with the hand)
mikoojiinan vti find, discover, feel it with the hand or fingers
minjiminan vti hold it in place, steady it
minonan vti hold, handle, grip it right
miinonan vti put or set it upright, put or set it straight up; straighten it
miiwinan vti push it away, reject it
moozhaginan vti pick them (inanimate) up; gather, collect them (inanimate)
nabaginan vti flatten it (by hand)
nabonan vti fold it over
nabwaabiiginan vti double it (string-like)
nabweginan vti fold it (sheet-like) over
na'aabiiginan vti adjust it (string-like)
na'inan vti put away, store away it
namadaakonan vti hold it (stick-like) upright, right side up
namadin vta put or hold it (animate) upright
namadinan vti put or hold it upright
nanaa'inan vti put it in order, put it away; fix it
nanaandoojiinan vti feel around for it
nandoojiinan vti feel for, grope for it; (try to) find it (with the hand)
napaadinan vti hold it the wrong way
nawadinan vti grab, seize it
naabakiinan vti transplant it
naazhaabiiginan vti lower it on a rope
naazhaatenan vti shine it lower
naazhinan vti stroke, rub it
niminaawenan vti launch it
ningwaagonenan vti bury it in the snow (by hand)
niimaakonan vti hold, carry it on stick
niiminan vti hold it out
niisaabiiginan vti lower it on a rope
niisinan vti lower it (by hand); set it (trap) off, snap it (trap)
nooginan vti stop it, stop it with the hand
nookaaginan vta soften it by bending it (by hand)
noomaabikinan vti lubricate it
noominan vti grease, oil it
odaapinan vti take, accept; pick it up
ombaabiiginan vti hoist it; lift, raise it with a rope
ombaakonan vti lift it (stick-like) (by hand)
ombinan vti lift, raise it
onadinan vti form, shape, knead, mold it (a soft substance) (by hand)
onaaginan vti bend it into shape, shape it by hand
onaakonan vti decide on, plan, judge it
ondinan vti get, obtain it from a certain place
oninan vti form, shape, assemble it; get it ready (by hand); put it in order, put it away
oshkijiishkiwaginan vti put fresh mud on it
ozhiiginan vti fold, prepare, set it (something sheet-like)
wanaabikinan vti set it (machine) wrong, put it in the wrong gear
waninan vti hold, take, touch it the wrong way or the wrong one
waaginan vti bend it (with hand)
webinan vti throw it away
wewebaabiiginan vti swing it on a line
wewebinan vti swing it
wiikwaabiiginan vti pull it with a rope
wiiweginan vti wrap it (as or as with something sheet-like)
zagakinan vti put it away; tidy it
zagakiiginan vti fold and put it (sheet-like) away
zagaabiiginan vti attach a line to it
zhawabaaginan vti bend it over, bow it
zhaabobiiginan vti strain it
zhaabonan vti put it through
zaagidinan vti put it out
zaaminan vti [BL] touch it (with hand)
zhegonan vti stick it in a tight place, insert it
zheyaakonan vti leave it (door or lid) open a little bit, leave it ajar
zhingadenan vti spread it out (forcefully by hand)
zinigonan vti rub it with something
ziidonan vti support it (with hand); hold it up; hang on to it
ziiginan vti pour, spill it out
zhiigonan vti empty it
zhiigoojiinan vti deflate it
ziinibiiginan vti wring it out
ziininan vti milk it; strip liquid from it (by hand)
zhiiwaagaminan vti [BL] sweeten it (liquid)
zhiiwinan vti [RL] sweeten it
zhooshkonan vti slide it (with hand)