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/-iingwe-/ medial

post-medial; body part
abiingwezo vai s/he warms h/ (own) face against the fire
ajijiingwese vai s/he falls on h/ face
badagwiingweshin vai s/he lies with h/ face covered
bagaskiingweganaam vta smack h/ on the face
bagaskiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face making a slapping sound
basiingweganaam vta slap h/ on the face with force
basiingwe' vta slap h/ on the face
baakiingwen vta uncover h/ face
baapiingweni vai s/he makes a happy face, has a happy smile
beshiingweshin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ face
bishagiingweshin vai s/he falls and skins h/ face
bitaakwiingweshin vai s/he bumps h/ face on something
gashkiiwiingwepizh vta blindfold h/
gashkiiwiingwepizo vai s/he is blindfolded
gashkiiwiingweshin vai s/he lies with h/ face covered
gibiingwepizh vta blindfold h/
gibiingwepizo vai s/he is blindfolded
giziingwe'o vai s/he wipes h/ (own) face (with something)
giishkiingweshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ face
jiibiingwetaw vta [BL] wink at h/
maziniingweshin h/ face has lines on it from lying on something
michiingweshin vai s/he lies with h/ face uncovered
miskwiingwese vai s/he blushes
miskwiingwewaji vai s/he has a red face from the cold
nishkaajiingweni vai s/he makes an angry face
nishkaajiingwetaw vta make an angry face at h/
niiskiingweni vai s/he grimaces, makes a face
niiskiingwetaw vta grimace at, make a face at h/
ozaawiingweyaaso vai s/he has a sun-tanned face
zaagiingweni vai s/he sticks h/ face out
zhoomiingweni vai s/he smiles
zhoomiingwetaw vta smile at h/