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/-iiginw/ final

a sheet-like thing: hide, bark, cloth, paper
adoopowiniigin ni a table cloth
agaamiigin ni the front of a page; the recto
apikweshimoniigin ni a pillowcase
apishimoniigin ni a sheet
ashkiigin ni rawhide
babagiwayaaniigin ni (a piece of) cloth, a rag
bagiwaaniigin ni [BL] (a piece of) cloth, a rag; fabric; material; yardage
biisweyiigin ni [BL] flannel
gibiiga'iganiigin ni a window shade
gidagiigin ni calico, print cotton fabric
jiimaaniigin ni [BL] canoe canvas
miishiigin ni velvet (fabric)
nabaneyiigin ni the back of a page; the verso
nibewiniigin ni [BL] a sheet
waabishkiigin ni a sheet; white cloth
waapijiibizoniigin ni [BG] [BL] cloth for a bunting bag