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/-ige/ final

s/he acts in relation to a dwelling
With medial /-ig-/ dwelling and final /-e/. See also the final /-wige/ (varying with /-oge/) with the same meaning which has a medial /-wig-/ dwelling.
aanjige vai s/he makes a different house
bakaanige vai she is secluded at first menses
bezhigooge vai s/he lives alone
biindige vai s/he enters, goes inside / indoors, comes inside / indoors
gizhaadige vai s/he guards a place, watches over a house
giizhige vai s/he finishes building a dwelling or lodge
ishkwege vai s/he lives at the end of town, lives in the last house
nishikewige vai s/he lives alone
nitamige vai s/he lives in the first house
ozhige vai s/he builds a dwelling (lodge, house), makes camp
wiidige vai s/he marries, is married
wiigiwaamige vai s/he lives in a wigwam