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/-ide/ final

it is heated; is affected by fire, the sun, or the moon
abaagamide vii it (liquid) warms up, is warm, is lukewarm
abide vii it warms up, is warmed at a fire or stove
agwaabikide vii it is scorched, burns to the pan
angode vii it melts away
angwaakide vii it burns up, is burnt completely (so nothing is left)
apiitaabikide vii it (mineral) is so hot, is hot to such an extent
apiitaagamide vii it (a liquid) is heated to such a temperature
ashkide vii it is incompletely cooked
aakwaagamide vii it (liquid) is extremely hot
aazhawaakide vii it burns across
bagwaakide vii it has a hole burned in it
bakaakide vii it (string-like) is broken or parted (by heat or fire)
bakwenede vii it steams
baasaabikide vii it (mineral) cracks or is cracked from fire or blasting
baaside vii it cracks, shatters (from heat)
baashkide vii it explodes, blows up; it bursts from heat
baashkijiide vii it (bag- or belly-like) bursts open, pops open
baashkinede vii it steams
bejigamide vii it is slow to boil
bengode vii it cooks dry
bengwegide vii it (sheet-like) dries by heat or fire
biigode vii it breaks by heat
bwaawaakide vii it doesn't burn, is unable to burn
dagode vii it is cooked with something else
danaakide vii it burns in a certain place
danide vii it is cooked in a certain place
daadode vii it splits open (from heat)
daadojiide vii it bursts open (from heat)
daashkaakide vii it splits in the fire
gaapide vii it is cooked or roasted dry and crisp, is parched
gaaskide vii it dries out, shrivels
gibode vii it cooks in the oven, bakes
ginibaakide vii it burns quickly
ginibide vii it cooks quickly
gipagide vii it gets thick (by heat)
gizhaabikide vii it (mineral/metal) heats up, is hot
gizhaagamide vii it (a liquid) heats up, is hot
gizhaawangide vii it is hot sand
gizhide vii it is hot
gizhiminagide vii it (something small and round, grain) is hot
gizhiigide vii it (something sheet-like) heats up, is hot
giizhide vii it is cooked, is done cooking
giizhigamide vii it finishes boiling
giizhiminagide vii it (berry-like, grain) is fully ripe
gwiishkoshwewegamide vii it whistles from boiling
inaakide vii it burns a certain way
inide vii it is cooked a certain way
iskigamide vii it boils down
jaagaakide vii it burns
jaagide vii it burns
madwegamide vii it makes noise boiling
madweyaakide vii it is heard burning, "you" can hear it burning
mashkawaagamide vii it is brewed strong
mazinaakide vii it is pictured, is photographed
maadaakide vii it starts burning
maajigamide vii it starts to boil
maanaagamide vii it is poorly brewed
minode vii it is well cooked
minwaagamide vii it is well brewed
miskwaabikide vii it is red-hot (as something mineral)
miskwaabikizo vai s/he is red-hot (as something mineral)
mitakamigide vii the ground is bare of snow from the sun
mitaabikide vii it is cooked dry (without grease or water) is grilled
nawadide vii it catches fire
ningakamigide vii the ground thaws
ningashkiigide vii the muskeg thaws
ningaabikide vii it (mineral) melts
ningide vii it melts, thaws
ningizigode vii there is ice melting in the sun
niigode vii it breaks by heat
nookaakide vii it softens by heat or flame
nookide vii it is cooked tender
odaapide vii it shrinks (from heat)
ojibode vii it shrivels from heat
ojibwaakide vii it shrivels, puckers in the fire
ojiigide vii it (sheet-like) shrinks from heat
ombaagamide vii it (liquid) rises, bubbles up as it cooks
ombide vii it rises, puffs up as it cooks
ombigamide vii it boils up
onzaamaabikide vii it (mineral) is too hot
onzaamaakide vii it is burnt crisp
onzaamide vii it is overcooked
ozaawaakide vii it is toasted, is browned (by heat or fire)
ozaawegide vii it (sheet-like) is browned from smoking
oziigide vii it shrivels from heat
wakewide vii it cooks easily, cooks fast
waabide vii it turns light (in color)
waasaabikide vii it (mineral) shines, glitters, reflects light
waaside vii it shines, glitters, reflects light
waasikozigode vii the ice shines in the moonlight
zakide vii it catches fire; it is on fire; there is a forest fire
zhaabwaakide vii it is burned through
zaagaateyaabikide vii the sun glares, reflects off it (mineral)
zhishigode vii it is cooked mushy
zhiiwaagamide vii it thickens into syrup