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/-gwaazo/ final

it (animate) is sewn
agogwaade vii it is sewn on something
agogwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn on something
apigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn onto something
aaboojigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn inside out
aanikoogwaazo vai it (animate) has another piece sewn onto it (to make it bigger)
aanjigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn over
biskigwaazo vai it (animate) is folded and sewn, is hemmed
biimigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn crooked
gashkigwaazo vai s/he is sewn
gibogwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn shut
gwayakogwaazo vai s/he is sewn correctly
izhigwaazo vai s/he is sewn a certain way
mashkawigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn strongly or tightly
minogwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn well
ojibogwaazo vai it (animate) is puckered
ozhigwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn up, sewn into shape