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/-gwaaso/ final

h/ sews, probes
agogwaaso vai s/he sews something on
biimigwaaso vai s/he sews things crooked
gashkigwaaso vai s/he sews
gaanda'igwaaso vai [BG] [BL] s/he uses something (a piece of leather, a thimble) to push the needle through when sewing
gwayakogwaaso vai s/he sews correctly
izhigwaaso vai s/he sews a certain way
mazinigwaaso vai s/he embroiders, beads something
maajigwaaso vai s/he starts sewing
maawandoogwaaso vai s/he sews things together, does patchwork (as in making a quilt)
maazhigwaaso vai s/he sews poorly
minogwaaso vai s/he sews well
nitaawigwaaso vai s/he knows how to sew, is good at sewing
ozhigwaaso vai s/he sews things up, sews things into shape
wanigwaaso vai s/he makes a mistake sewing
zaaskigwaaso vai s/he sews making a rustling sound
zipogwaaso vai s/he sews up a gap or rip so it is closed