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/-gwaad/ final

sew, probe it
agogwaadan vti sew it on something
akogwaadan vti sew it so far
apigwaadan vti sew it on over something: applique it, sew it on as a facing or lining
aaboojigwaadan vti sew it inside out
aanikoogwaadan vti sew another piece onto it (to make it bigger)
aanjigwaadan vti sew it over, alter it (by sewing)
baakaakogwaadan vti pry it up with a stick
baakigwaadan vti pry it up or open with a stick
beshigwaadan vti sew a border on it
biskigwaadan vti fold and sew, hem it
biimigwaadan vti sew it crooked
biitoogwaadan vti sew a lining in it
dookigwaadan vti poke it (with a stick)
gashkigwaadan vti sew it
gibogwaadan vti sew it shut
giboogwaadan vti sew it shut
gijigwaadan vti remove it with something sharp
giizhigwaadan vti finish sewing it
gwayakogwaadan vti sew it correctly
izhigwaadan vti sew it a certain way
mashkimodegwaadan vti sew it as a bag
mazinigwaadan vti embroider, bead it
maajigwaadan vti start sewing it
maawandoogwaadan vti sew it together (e.g., pieces for a quilt)
maazhigwaadan vti sew it poorly
minogwaadan vti sew it well
naajigwaadan vti get it with a stick or stick-like tool, rake it over with a stick or stick-like tool
ojibogwaadan vti pucker it
ozhigwaadan vti sew it up, sew it into shape
wanigwaadan vti make a mistake sewing it
waakaagwaadan vti sew all around it; sew a cuff on it
zipogwaadan vti sew it up (so a gap or rip is closed)