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/gop-/ initial

go inland, go into the bush, go from an open area (water or land) into a denser area
gopa'adoo vai s/he follows a trail inland
gopa'azh vta follow h/ trail inland
gopa'o vai s/he paddles upstream
gopamon vii it (road or trail) leads inland
gopaawadoon vti2 haul it inland
gopaawazh vta haul it (animate) inland
gopiba'idiwag vai they run inland together
gopiba'igo vai s/he rides inland, drives inland (drawn by horse or dog)
gopibatoo vai s/he runs inland
gopibatwaadan vti run it inland
gopibide vii it drives up from the water
gopibizo vai s/he drives inland, into the woods, into the bush
gopidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives inland, into the woods, into the bush; s/he drives a team inland, into the woods, into the bush
gopigozi vai s/he moves (h/ camp or residence) inland, moves (h/ camp or residence) off the lake
gopikawe vai s/he leaves tracks going inland
gopimine vai s/he takes wild rice inland
gopinige vai s/he carries something on h/ shoulder inland, into the bush
gopinizhikaw vta chase h/ into the woods
gopinizhimo vai s/he goes inland scared
gopiwane vai s/he carries pack inland
gopiwidoon vti2 take, carry it inland
gopiwizh vta take, carry h/ inland
gopii vai s/he goes up from the water, goes inland, goes into the woods
gopoode vai s/he crawls inland, into the woods, into the bush