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/gizhii-/ initial

high speed or intensity: fast, loud, bright
gizhiiba'idiwag vai they run fast together
gizhiibatoo vai s/he runs fast
gizhiibide vii it moves, runs, operates, speeds, drives, flies fast
gizhiibizo vai s/he moves, runs, operates, speeds, drives, flies fast
gizhiibizonike vai [N] s/he drives (a vehicle) fast
gizhiidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives (a vehicle) fast
gizhiigaa vii it drips, leaks fast
gizhiigaa vai it (animate) drips, leaks fast; it (animate) runs fast (as a tree, with sap)
gizhiigi vai s/he grows fast
gizhiigin vii it grows fast
gizhiijiwan vii it flows fast
gizhiikaa vai s/he goes fast
gizhiikwazhiwe vai s/he paddles fast; s/he swim [as fish] fast
gizhiinaamo vai s/he breathes fast
gizhiise vai s/he flies fast
gizhiise vii it flies fast
gizhiitigweyaa vii it is a fast river
gizhiiwe vai s/he speaks or sings loud, speaks or sings with a strong clear voice
gizhiiwewebide vii it make a loud noise speeding or operating
gizhiiwewebidoon vti2 turn it up so it is louder
gizhiiwewebiisaa vii the rain is loud
gizhiiwewebiisaan vii [BL] the rain is loud
gizhiiwewejiwan vii the flow of water sounds loud; the loud sound of the rapids can be heard
gizhiiwewendan vti make a loud noise eating it
gizhiiweweyaandagaasin vii its boughs sound loud blowing in the wind
gizhiiweweyaashkaa vii the waves are loud
gizhiiwewidam vai2 s/he sounds loud, sounds loud and clear
gizhiiyaabogo vai s/he drifts fast
gizhiiyaadagaa vai [S] s/he swims fast
gizhiiyaadagaako vai s/he goes fast on the ice
gizhiiyaadagaazii vai s/he wades fast
gizhiiyaadage vai [BL] s/he swims fast
gizhiiyaada'e vai s/he skates fast
gizhiiyaadaage vai [BL] s/he swims fast
gizhiiyaadigose vii the rapids are flowing fast
gizhiiyaajimo vai s/he tells a story fast
gizhiiyaanike vai s/he digs fast
gizhiiyaanimad vii the wind blows fast
gizhiiyaasin vii it is blown fast (by the wind); sails, soars fast
gizhiiyaashi vai s/he is blown fast (by the wind); sails, soars fast
gizhiiyaate vii it (light) is bright, shines brightly
gizhiiyendam vai2 s/he thinks fast
gizhiiyose vai s/he walks fast
gizhiiyoode vai s/he crawls fast