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/gizh-/ initial

gizhakone vii it has a hot flame, is a hot flame
gizhanaamo vai s/he has hot breath, fevered breath
gizhaabasan vti cook it by steaming; microwave it
gizhaabate vii it is a hot draft, smoke, or vapor
gizhaabikad vii
gizhaabikide vii it (mineral/metal) heats up, is hot
gizhaabikiz vta heat h/ (as something mineral)
gizhaabikizan vti heat it (as something mineral)
gizhaabikizi vai s/he is hot (mineral)
gizhaabikizo vai s/he (mineral/metal) heats up, is hot
gizhaagamide vii it (a liquid) heats up, is hot
gizhaagamin vii it (a liquid) heats up, is hot
gizhaagamizan vti heat it (a liquid)
gizhaanimad vii it is a hot wind
gizhaasige vai it (animate; the sun) shines hot
gizhaaso vai s/he is very hot, is overheated (from the sun)
gizhaate vii it is hot (weather), is hot and sunny
gizhaawangide vii it is hot sand
gizhide vii it is hot
gizhiminagide vii it (something small and round, grain) is hot
gizhiz vta heat h/, heat h/ up
gizhizan vti heat it, heat it up
gizizan vti heat it, heat it up
gizhizekwe vai s/he warms up food
gizhizo vai
  1. s/he or it (animate) is hot
  2. s/he has a fever
gizhiigide vii it (something sheet-like) heats up, is hot
gizhiigizan vti heat it (sheet-like)