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/ginib-/ initial

ginibam vta eat it (animate) quickly
ginibandan vti eat it quickly
ginibashkime vai s/he weaves snowshoe webbing quickly
ginibawinzo vai s/he picks berries quickly
ginibaakide vii it burns quickly
ginibaakizige vai s/he gets drunk fast
ginibaakizo vai s/he burns quickly
ginibi- pv lex quick, quickly
ginibide vii it cooks quickly
ginibigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows fast
ginibigin vii it grows fast
ginibine vai s/he dies quickly
ginibise vii it goes fast, runs out fast
ginibizhan vti cut it quickly
ginibizekwe vai s/he cooks fast
ginibizo vai it (animate) cooks quickly
ginibizhwi vta [NI] cut h/ or it (animate) quickly