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/giishk-/ initial

cut off, severed, sheared off
giishkada'an vti chop it off
giishkadaawangaa vii it is a sand bank
giishkadaawangaa'an vii the waves make a sand bank
giishkadinaa vii it is a cliff, is a steep bank
giishka' vta chop h/ off
giishka'an vti chop it off
giishkakamigaa vii it is a bank or steep face of earth
giishkam vta bite through h/ cleanly
giishkanaamo vai h/ breath is cut short
giishkandan vti bite through it cleanly
giishkanokii vai s/he finishes a job, retires from work
giishkaabikaa vii it is a steep rock face
giishkaagonagaa vii it is a snow bank
giishkaajimo vai s/he cuts the story off (without finishing it)
giishkaakizan vti burn it through
giishkaakiiweyaa vii it is a steep hill
giishkaamikaa vii there is a drop-off
giishkaanakwagoode vii it is a cloud bank
giishkaanowe vai s/he has a cut-off tail
giishkaanowebizh vta break off h/ tail (with hands)
giishkaanowezh vta cut h/ (animal) tail off
giishkaazhibikaa vii there is a rock cliff
giishkibidoon vti2 tear it off
giishkibizh vta tear it (animate) off
giishkiboodoon vti2 saw it off
giishkiboozh vta saw h/ off
giishkidoondaneshin vai s/he cuts h/ heel on something
giishkiga' vta chop it (animate) (with an ax)
giishkiga'an vti cut through it (with an ax); chop it (with an ax)
giishkiganzhiikozh vta cut h/ nails
giishkigaade vai s/he has a leg or legs cut off
giishkigaadeshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ leg
giishkigaadezhwi vta [NI] cut off h/ leg
giishkigidigweshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ knee
giishkigweganaam vta strike off h/ head
giishkigwezhwi vta [NI] cut h/ head off
giishkikaa vii it tears, rips
giishkikaa vai s/he tears, rips
giishkikodan vti cut it off, sever it (with a blade)
giishkikozh vta cut h/ hair, give h/ a haircut
giishkikozo vai s/he has a haircut, gets a haircut
giishkindibeshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ head, cuts h/ head on something
giishkinike vai s/he has h/ arm cut off
giishkininjigane it (fish) has a broken-off fin or fins; it (crayfish) has a broken-off pincer or pincers
giishkininjiishin vai s/he cuts h/ hand or finger on something
giishkininjiizh vta cut off h/ hand, finger, or forepaw
giishkishin vai s/he gets cut falling
giishkizh vta cut h/ or it (animate); cut h/ or it (animate) off or through
giishkizhan vti cut it; cut it off or through
giishkizide vai s/he has h/ foot cut off
giishkizidebizh vta snap off h/ foot
giishkizhigwanezh vta cut the fishtail off h/
giishkizigwaa vii it is an ice bank
giishkizhwi vta [NI] cut h/ or it (animate); cut h/ or it (animate) off or through
giishkiingwe vai s/he has a cut on h/ face
giishkiingweshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ face
giishklishin vai s/he gets cut on something
giishkowe vai s/he stops crying; s/he stops making vocal noise