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/giimood-/ initial

giimooj ,giimooz
giimoodad vii it is secret
giimoodadaawe vai s/he buys secretly
giimoodademo vai s/he cries secretly
giimoodagwe vai s/he steals from a snare
giimoodam vta eat, bite h/ secretly
giimoodandan vti eat, bite it secretly
giimoodanokii vai s/he works secretly, works in secret
giimoodanoozo vai s/he smokes secretly, sneaks a smoke
giimoodaajim vta tell about h/ secretly
giimoodaajimo vai s/he tells something secretly
giimoodaanagidoon vai [C] s/he mumbles
giimoodaapi vai s/he laughs secretly
giimoodaasige vai s/he shines deer secretly
giimoodoode vai s/he creeps, secretly crawls
giimooj adv man secretly, in secret, stealthily
giimoojibizo vai s/he drives secretly
giimoojibii'an vti write it secretly
giimoojigidaazo vai s/he is secretly angry
giimoojikazh vta sneak away from h/
giimoojitaa vai s/he does something secretly
giimoojitoon vti2 do something to, make it secretly
giimoojiwidoon vti2 secretly take, carry it
giimoojiwizh vta secretly take, carry h/
giimoozaabam vta look at h/ secretly; spy on h/; peek, peep at h/
giimoozaabandan vti look at it secretly; spy on it; peek, peep at it
giimoozaabi vai s/he spies, peeks, peeps
giimoozitaw vta eavesdrop on h/