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/-gidaazo/ final

s/he is angry
akwaandawegidaazo vai s/he goes upstairs angry, goes upstairs mad
animigidaazo vai s/he goes away angry, goes away mad
apiichigidaazo vai s/he is angry to such an certain extent, is mad to such an extent
babaamigidaazo vai s/he goes about angry, goes about mad
bagamigidaazo vai s/he arrives angry, arrives mad
baashkigidaazo vai s/he bursts into a sudden rage
bimigidaazo vai s/he goes along angry, goes along mad
biijigidaazo vai s/he comes here angry, comes here mad
biindigegidaazo vai s/he enters angry, enters mad
boonigidaazo vai s/he stops being angry, quits being angry
giimoojigidaazo vai s/he is secretly angry
giiwegidaazo vai s/he goes home angry, goes home mad
izhigidaazo vai s/he goes to a certain place angry, goes to a certain place mad
maajiigidaazo vai s/he goes off angry, goes off mad
mookogidaazo vai s/he cries from anger
onjigidaazo vai s/he gets angry for certain reason, gets mad for a certain reason; s/he comes from a certain place angry, comes from a certain place mad
onzaamigidaazo vai s/he is extremely angry, is irate, is furious
wakewigidaazo vai s/he gets mad easily
zaagijigidaazo vai s/he goes out angry, goes out mad