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/gibw-/ initial

blocked, plug
gibode vii it cooks in the oven, bakes
gibogwaadan vti sew it shut
gibogwaade vii it is sewn shut
gibogwaazh vta sew it (animate) shut
gibogwaazo vai it (animate) is sewn shut
gibokiwaswi vta [NI] glue it (animate) shut; tape it (animate) shut
giboz vta cook it (animate) in the oven, bake it (animate)
gibozan vti cook it in the oven; bake it
gibozhaazo vai s/he pees in h/ clothes
gibozigwadin vii it is frozen shut
gibozo vai it (animate) cooks in the oven, bakes
giboobidoon vti2 pull it shut; zip it up
giboobizh vta pull h/ shut
giboogwaadan vti sew it shut
giboogwaazh vta sew h/ shut
gibwaabaso vai s/he is trapped the smoke, blocked by the smoke
gibwaakwaa vii it is blocked with trees, is overgrown with trees