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/gibit-/ initial

come to an end, stop (happening), halt
gibichibatoo vai s/he stops running
gibichibizo vai s/he stops off operating or running; s/he stops driving
gibichibiisaa vii the rain lets up
gibichigaabawi vai s/he stops and stands, stops walking
gibichigi vai s/he stops growing
gibichigin vii it stops growing
gibichipon vii the snow stops, lets up
gibichise vii it stops suddenly
gibichiskwagizi vai s/he stops bleeding
gibichishimo vai s/he stops suddenly while dancing
gibichitaa vai s/he stops doing what s/he is doing, quits a task without completing it
gibichiwebin vta stop h (with forceful hand movement, shut h/ off (quickly, as in an emergency)
gibichiwebishkan vti stop it (with fast motion of body or foot), brake it
gibichii vai s/he stops for a while; s/he takes a break
gibisikaa vai s/he stops
gibisikaa vii it stops
gibitanaamo vai s/he stops breathing
gibitanokii vai s/he stops working
gibitaada'e vai s/he stops skating
gibitaanagidoone vai s/he stops talking; s/he stops gabbing
gibitaanimad vii the wind stops, dies down
gibitose vai s/he stops walking
gibitoode vai s/he stops crawling
gibitwewebizo vai it (animate) is heard to stop running or operating