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/-gi/ final

s/he or it (animate) grows
agogi vai it (animate) grows attached to something
apiichigi vai s/he grows up a certain extent, grows at a certain speed
bejigi vai s/he grows slowly
biimaskogi vai s/he grows twisted
boonigi vai s/he stops growing, quits growing
bwaawigi vai s/he or it (animate) is unable to grow
dazhigi vai s/he grows in a certain place
gibichigi vai s/he stops growing
ginibigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows fast
gizhiigi vai s/he grows fast
giizhigi vai s/he is full grown, is ripe
gwayakogi vai s/he grows straight
izhigi vai s/he grows a certain way
maajiigi vai s/he starts growing, grows up
minogi vai s/he, it (animate) grows well
miikogi vai s/he, it (animate) grows well
nitaawigi vai s/he is born; s/he grows, grows up
okogiwag vai they (animate) grow in a bunch
ombigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows up
oshkigi vai it (animate) is new growth, is fresh, freshly-harvested
ozhigi vai s/he or it (animate) grows and takes form; s/he comes to life in the womb
zaagigi vai it (animate; a plant) sprouts, comes up, grows out (of the ground)