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/-ge/ final

s/he acts (on an unspecified object)
abaabasige vai s/he smudges, censes things
abaagamizige vai s/he warms something liquid
abizige vai s/he warms (something) at the fire
abiigizige vai s/he warms something (sheet-like) at the fire; s/he warms the drum
abwaajige vai s/he roasts things over a fire
abwewasige vai s/he cures things over a fire
achige vai
  1. s/he puts things in a certain place
  2. s/he bets, places a bet
adaawange vai borrow it , rent it from someone
adaawangen vai + o borrow, rent it from people
adisige vai s/he dyes, colors things
agazonge vai s/he speaks embarassing people
agaasibii'ige vai s/he writes small
agindamaage vai s/he counts (something) for people; s/he reads (something) for people
agokiwasige vai s/he glues things, paste things on
agoojige vai s/he hangs things, hangs laundry
agwa'ige vai s/he attaches (things) (using something); s/he sews (things) on
agwana'ige vai s/he covers things
agwanenjige vai s/he puts things in h/ (own) mouth; s/he holds things in h/ mouth; s/he chews tobacco
agwaabiiginige vai s/he takes (things) the off water
agwaakwa'ige vai s/he nails things up, posts things
agwaasijige vai take things ashore, take things off a boat or vehicle, unload things off something
agwaawebinige vai s/he throws things out of the water, throws things ashore
ajidinige vai s/he holds, turns things upside down
akooshkinachige vai [N]
akwaabiigizhige vai s/he cuts things a certain length
anamikaage vai s/he greets people
anaaminge vai s/he blames, accuses people
andawaabanjige vai s/he looks for, searches for things
andawenjige vai [N]
  1. s/he needs, wants things
  2. s/he hunts or fishes for food
andobijige vai s/he reaches for, feels for something
andodamaage vai [N] s/he asks people, begs people for things
andojige vai s/he asks for, requests, orders things
andone'ige vai s/he finds things
andoojiinige vai [N] s/he feels for, gropes for something
animikonige vai s/he turns things face down, turns things facing away
animikosijige vai s/he lays (things) face down
anishinaabewibii'ige vai s/he writes in Indian (Ojibwe)
anokiitaage vai s/he works for people
apagajinaazhikaage vai s/he drives game
apagijige vai s/he throws things
apanjige vai s/he eats things with something else (e.g., butter with bread)
asigibii'ige vai s/he writes numbers, adds things up, tallies up
ashange vai s/he feeds people, feasts people, serves food
ataage vai s/he gambles, plays cards, bets, wagers
atisige vai [ML] s/he dyes things
azhenamaage vai s/he returns (it) to, takes (it( back to, hands (it) back to people
azhenige vai s/he returns things, takes things back, hands things back
azhenizha'ige vai s/he sends things back
azhewijige vai s/he carries, takes things back
aaba'ige vai s/he undoes, unties, unfastens things (using something)
aabajichige vai s/he uses something
aabaabika'ige vai s/he unlocks something
aabiskonige vai s/he undoes things
aabiiginige vai s/he unwraps (things); s/he unfolds (things)
aabiinzonge vai s/he denigrates, verbally abuses someone
aaboojiiginige vai s/he turns things (something sheet-like) inside out
aanawenjige vai s/he finds things unsatisfactory, dislike, rejects things
aandaabikinige vai s/he shifts gears
aandaakonige vai s/he changes something decided on (a plan, rule, a law, a policy)
aanikanootamaage vai s/he translates, interprets for (people)
aanikanootaage vai s/he translates, interprets (for) people
aanjichige vai s/he remakes things, makes things over
aapidabiitaage vai s/he just sits with someone, sits with someone and doesn't get up or leave
aasonige vai s/he supports things (with hand)
aatawe'ige vai [N] s/he extinguishes something; s/he puts something (fire, light) out
aate'ige vai s/he extinguishes something; s/he puts something (fire, light) out
aawajige vai s/he hauls things
aazhawa'oojige vai s/he takes things across by boat, ferries things across
aazhawinamaage vai s/he transfers, passes it to people
aazhawinizha'ige vai s/he sends things across
aazhoge vai s/he goes across water
babaama'oojige vai s/he transports something about (especially on the water), leads or tows something about on the water
babaaminizha'ige vai s/he chases things about
babaaminizhikaage vai s/he chases people about
babaamiwebishkige vai s/he kicks something about; s/he plays soccer
babiisibii'ige vai s/he writes small
badagwana'ige vai s/he covers things
badaka'ige vai s/he sticks something in things, pricks things
badakibijige vai s/he hooks something
badakisijige vai s/he sticks, sets things in something; plants things in the ground
bagidenjige vai
  1. s/he releases things from h/ mind
  2. s/he holds a funeral
bagidinige vai s/he sets things down; offers, releases, allows things
bagijwebinige vai she releases something quickly, throws something down quickly
bagoneboojige vai s/he saws or drills holes
bagone'ige vai s/he drills a hole in something
bagozigwa'ige vai s/he makes a hole in the ice
bagwa'ige vai s/he patches things, mends things with patches
bagwanjige vai s/he chews a hole in something
bakinaage vai s/he wins over people, beats people (in a contest or game)
bakite'ige vai s/he hits, strikes things
bakobiiwebinige vai s/he throws (things) into the water
bakonamaagen vai skin (it) for someone
bakonige vai s/he skins things
bakwadaabidebijige vai s/he pulls out teeth
bakwebiigishkige vai s/he dirties the water (by foot or body action); s/he makes the water turbid, roiled, or muddy (by foot or body action)
bakwenige vai s/he cuts cards
bakwenjige vai s/he bites a piece off something
bakwezhige vai s/he cuts pieces off something
banikoojige vai s/he has h/ traps set off but left empty
baninige vai s/he lets things drop, has things drop out of h/ hand
banzige vai s/he singes something, burns feathers
bashanzhe'ige vai s/he whips
bashkobijige vai s/he clears something off (with hands), weeds something
bashkobiisige vai s/he scalds things removing hair or feathers
bashkonaage vai s/he misses (in shooting)
bashkozhige vai s/he cuts everything off; shears, mows something
bashkwada'ige vai s/he clears something off, weeds something (using something like a hoe)
bashkwashkibijige vai s/he weeds things
bawa'ige vai s/he knocks things (with something)
bawaajige vai s/he has dreams
bazhiba'ige vai s/he stabs, spears things
baakindesijige vai s/he leaves a lodge door or tent fly open
baakinige vai s/he opens things up, uncovers things
baakiiginige vai s/he opens things (sheet-like), turns pages; s/he unwraps things
baapaagaakwa'ige vai s/he knocks on things (as something stick- or wood-like, e.g., a door)
baasa'ige vai s/he cracks, shatters things (using something)
baasaabikizige vai s/he blasts things
baasibijige vai s/he cracks, shatters things (with hands)
baasige vai s/he dries something
baashkizige vai
  1. s/he shoots things
  2. he ejaculates
baazhida'ige vai s/he steps over (thigns)
beshibii'ige vai s/he marks things with a line or stripe
bichinaage vai s/he shoots people accidentally
bigishkizhige vai s/he cuts things to pieces
bikwaagone'ige vai s/he makes a snow pile (using something)
bima'ajige vai s/he follows something along as a trail
bima'ige vai s/he skims things
bima'oojige vai [BL] s/he takes (things) along in the water; s/he trolls; s/he guides fishermen
bimaadaga'oojige vai s/he pulls, tows things through the water
biminizha'amaage vai s/he chases or pursues something for someone
biminizha'ige vai s/he follows things along
biminizhikaage vai s/he chases, follows people along
bimiwidamaage vai s/he carries it along for others
bimiwijige vai s/he carries things along; she is pregnant
bimojige vai s/he shoots things with an arrow or other projectile
bina'ige vai s/he takes things down
binaakwe'ige vai s/he rakes things
bisikaage vai s/he bumps into, collides with (someone)
biskaabikinige vai s/he folds, bends (metal) over (by hand)
biskibijige vai s/he bends, folds things (with hands)
biskinige vai s/he folds things
biskiiginige vai s/he folds things (as something sheet-like)
bishagaakwa'ige vai s/he peels timber (using something)
bishagaakwanjige vai s/he chews bark off trees
bishagibijige vai s/he peels things (with hands)
bishagikojige vai s/he peels things (with a knife)
bishkonaage vai s/he shoots and misses
bitaakoshkaage vai s/he has a collision with someone, hits somebody with a car
bizindaage vai s/he listens to someone, listens to people
biidamaage vai s/he brings (it) for (people)
biidaajimotaage vai s/he brings the news to people
biidaawajige vai s/he hauls things here
biigobijige vai s/he tears, rips things
biigosijige vai s/he breaks things (by dropping)
biigwakamigibijige vai s/he plows
biigwanjige vai s/he chews things up
biijimaanjige vai s/he smells something, perceives the smell of things
biimaakwa'ige vai s/he twists something with a stick, wrings something out by twisting it with a stick
biina'ige vai s/he puts things in (something)
biinaakizige vai s/he burns something clean, sterilizes something
biindaakoojige vai s/he makes an offering of tobacco
biindigewebinige vai s/he throws things inside
biinichige vai s/he cleans things
biinjiweba'ige vai s/he shoves or knocks something in (using something); s/he plays pool; s/he shoots and scores [hockey]
biinjwebinige vai
  1. s/he throws things in
  2. s/he votes
biinjwebinigetamaage vai s/he votes for someone
biisiboojige vai s/he grinds, mills, grates something
biisiminagishkige vai s/he crushes the wild rice into fine pieces (by foot), dances the wild rice too much crushing it into fine pieces
biitoogwaajige vai s/he sews a lining in things
biiwanjige vai s/he eats leaving crumbs
biiwiga'ige vai s/he chops something into chips
boodaajige vai s/he blows on or at something
boodaajii'ige vai s/he inflates things
bookobijige vai s/he breaks something in two (with hands)
bookoga'ige vai s/he chops breaking things in half
bookwaabidesijige vai s/he breaks h/ teeth or a blade against something
boonichige vai s/he quits doing things, leaves things alone
boozwebinige vai s/he throws things aboard
bwaanawichige vai s/he is unable (to do something)
dadaatabibii'ige vai s/he writes quickly
dagobiiga'ige vai s/he washes something else with h/ laundry
dagonige vai s/he adds, mixes things in
dakobijige vai s/he ties, binds things
dakonige vai s/he holds, takes hold of things
dakwange vai s/he bites people
dakwanjige vai s/he bites things, has a mouthful
dakwaabiigizhige vai s/he cuts something (string-like) short
dananjige vai s/he eats in a certain place
danaakizige vai
  1. s/he burns something in a certain place
  2. s/he is drunk in a certain place
dangishkaage vai s/he kicks people
dangishkige vai s/he kicks things
daninige vai s/he holds things in a certain place
dawaagonebijige vai s/he pushes snow off; s/he plows snow, blows snow
dawaagone'ige vai s/he clears snow (with something), shovels snow
dawibijige vai s/he pulls things apart to form a gap
dazhinge vai s/he talks about people, gossips
dazhweginige vai s/he spreads (things) out flat
daangigwanenige vai s/he signs things
daanginige vai s/he touches
daashkiboojige vai s/he saws things apart lengthwise
daashkiga'ige vai s/he splits wood
debibijige vai s/he grabs, catches, reaches and takes, gets hold of things
debisachige vai s/he has enough of things
diba'amaage vai s/he pays people for (something)
diba'ige vai s/he pays things; s/he measures things
dibaabiishkoojige vai s/he weighs things (on a scale)
dibaakonige vai s/he judges things
dibaakwa'ige vai s/he measures with a stick
dibenjige vai s/he controls, owns, rules something
ditibiwebishkige vai s/he rolls things by kicking, pedals
gabenaage vai s/he scores, wins (in a game)
gabikaage vai s/he passes (people)
gagaanjinawenge vai s/he teases, irritates, harasses people (by speech)
gagiibaajichige vai s/he does something foolish or silly
gagiiganjige vai s/he picks out the best things to eat
gagiigizhige vai s/he cuts out the best part
gagwejichige vai s/he tries things, practices
gagwejimaanjige vai s/he sniffs around for (things)
gagwezikige vai s/he tries on clothes
ganawaabange vai s/he watches people, is a spectator
ganawaabanjige vai s/he looks at, watches things
ganawenjige vai s/he takes care of, protects, keeps things
gashkaabika'ige vai s/he locks things
gashkibijige vai s/he wraps and ties things in bundle
gashkichige vai s/he acquires something, earns something, is able (to do something)
gashkiwijige vai s/he is able to carry, take things
gashkiiginige vai s/he wraps things
gawiboojige vai s/he saws (things) down
gawinige vai s/he takes things down, upsets things
gaachimotaage vai s/he is fussy and weepy over someone
gaajige vai s/he hides things
gaakaawanjige vai s/he chews something crisp or crunchy
gaanda'ige vai s/he pushes (using something)
gaandakii'ige vai [S] s/he poles a boat
gaandinige vai s/he pushes things
gaanjida'ige vai s/he pushes things a stick
gaanjweba'ige vai
  1. s/he shoves things (using something)
  2. s/he poles logs
gaanjwebishkige vai s/he shoves things (with foot or body)
gaanzikige vai s/he pushes, nudges things (with foot or body)
gaapanjige vai s/he crunches things in mouth
gaapizige vai s/he cooks or roasts things dry and crisp, parches (wild rice)
gaasiibii'ige vai s/he erases things
gaasii'ige vai s/he wipes things (using something)
gaaskaabasige vai s/he smoke-cures things
gaaskizige vai s/he smokes or dry (things) for preservation
gaashkibijige vai s/he scratches something with hands
giba'ige vai s/he stops things up; plugs, blocks, dams things
gibaabowe'ige vai s/he puts a lid on a pot
gibaakwa'ige vai s/he shuts, blocks, dams something (as or as with something stick- or wood-like)
gibinde'ige vai close a lodge with a cloth or hide door cover
gibishkaage vai s/he obstructs, blocks someone with foot or body
gibiiga'ige vai s/he closes the curtain or blinds
gibozige vai s/he bakes things; s/he roasts things in the oven
gidagibii'ige vai s/he draws dots or spots
gidasige vai s/he roast things (to remove something), parches wild rice
gidiskaabiiginige vai s/he releases, disconnects, unhooks, unplugs things (as something string-like)
gikachige vai s/he pawns, hocks things
gikaabanjige vai s/he selects, picks thing by using vision
gikenjige vai s/he knows things
gikinawaajibii'ige vai s/he marks things
gikinawaajichige vai s/he marks things
gikinoo'amaage vai s/he teaches
ginibanjige vai s/he eats quickly
ginigawinige vai s/he mixes things
ginwaabiigizhige vai s/he cuts (string-like) things long
gizhaabikizige vai s/he heats things (as something mineral)
gizhaagamizige vai s/he heats things (as a liquid)
gizhibaawebinige vai s/he spins, whirls, cranks something
gizhibaayaaboojige vai s/he spins something, spins a top
gizhibaayaakowebishkige vai s/he does logrolling
gizhizige vai s/he heats something
giziibiiga'ige vai s/he washes things, washes clothes, does laundry
giziibiiginige vai s/he washes something (by hand)
giziisaga'ige vai s/he mops the floor
giziisaginige vai [BL] s/he wipes the floor; [BL] s/he washes the floor
gizhiiwewenjige vai s/he makes a loud noise chewing or eating
giziiyaabika'ige vai s/he wipes things (mineral or metal, such as dishes, a gun)
giimoodanjige vai s/he eats things secretly
giimoojibii'ige vai s/he writes things secretly
giimoojichige vai s/he does something secretly
giimoozikaage vai s/he sneaks up on people
giishkibijige vai s/he tears things off
giishkiboojige vai s/he saws things off
giishkiga'ige vai s/he chops (things) off
giishkizhige vai s/he cuts something off, cuts through something
giiwenizha'ige vai s/he sends things home
giiwewijige vai s/he carries, takes things home
giizhaakonige vai s/he decides, finishes making rules, finishes planning
giizhigamizige vai s/he finishes boiling things
giizhiminagishkige vai s/he finishes husking the wild rice (by foot), finishes dancing the wild rice
gojichige vai s/he tries things, practices
gojimaanjige vai s/he sniffs, takes a smell
gojipijige vai s/he samples, takes a taste of something
gopiwijige vai s/he takes things inland up from the lake
gwayakobii'ige vai s/he writes correctly
gwayakochige vai s/he makes things right, does things right
gwayakwaabidoo'ige vai s/he beads things correctly (on a loom)
gwaaba'ige vai s/he scoops up things
gwaashkwanodaage vai s/he commits assault, commits rape
gwekinige vai s/he turns things (by hand)
ikonizhikaage vai s/he chases people out of the way
ikowebinige vai s/he pushes, shoves, tosses, throws things aside or out of the way
ikwaanzhenige vai s/he turns the lights or flame up
ikweginige vai s/he holds or puts something (sheet-like), higher, out of the way out of the way
ina'ajige vai s/he goes there following a track or trail
inamochige vai s/he makes a road or trail going to a certain place
inanjige vai s/he eats a certain way, has a certain diet
inapijige vai s/he ties things a certain way
inataage vai s/he plays such a game
inaabajichige vai s/he uses things a certain way
inaakonige vai s/he makes a certain judgement; s/he decides things a certain way; s/he agrees on something
inaatenige vai s/he shines a light in a certain direction, casts a light in a certain firection
ininige vai s/he holds, handles things a certain way; s/he points in a certain direction
inizhige vai s/he cuts (things) a certain way
inizige vai s/he cooks (things) a certain way
inoo'ige vai [BL] s/he points to something
inootaage vai s/he quotes people, reports what people say
iskigamizige vai s/he boils things down (e.g., maple sap), is sugaring
ishkonige vai s/he reserves, saves, leaves things
ishkozhige vai s/he leaves something uncut
ishkwanjige vai s/he leaves leftovers
ishpaatenige vai s/he shines a light higher
izhibii'ige vai s/he writes things a certain way
izhichige vai s/he does, makes things a certain way
izhinizha'ige vai s/he sends things to a certain place
izhinizhikaage vai s/he chases people to a certain place
izhinoo'ige vai s/he points, indicates
izhiwidamaage vai s/he takes (it) to people at a certain place
izhiwijige vai s/he takes something to a certain place
jaka'ige vai s/he pokes, jabs things; s/he marks things with a tick or check
jaachaangiwebishkige vai s/he rocks on something
jaaganjige vai s/he eats up all of something
jaaginige vai s/he uses things. depletes things, spends everything; s/he takes everything; s/he spends everything
jaagizige vai s/he uses up all of the ammunition
jiichiigwanjige vai s/he chews things
jiishada'ige vai s/he sweeps
jiishaakwa'ige vai s/he scrapes hides
madaabiiwijige vai s/he takes, carries things down to the shore
madwebijige vai s/he makes noise pulling or ripping something
madweboojige vai s/he is heard sawing something
madwe'ige vai
  1. s/he pounds on something making noise, drums on something
  2. an engine knocks
madwenjige vai s/he chews something audibly, is heard chewing
madwesijige vai s/he makes noise dropping or hitting things, rings things
madwewechige vai s/he makes things sound, plays (music)
madweyaabiigibijige vai s/he strums something, plays a guitar
makadewibii'ige vai s/he paints (things) in black
mamige vai s/he takes, picks up things
mamigwaakosijige vai [BL] s/he scrubs on a washboard
mamizhinge vai s/he informs on, tells on, tattles on people
manaajichige vai s/he spares, respects, goes easy on things
mangaanibaajige vai s/he shovels things
mashkawaagamichige vai s/he makes a strong drink
mashkawinige vai s/he holds things tight, holds things with a firm grip
mawindamaage vai s/he cries for something (that someone has)
mawine'ige vai s/he confronts someone, attacks, goes after someone with vengance
mazina'ige vai s/he owes something, gets or has credit, buys on credit, charges to an account, goes into debt
mazinaabidoo'ige vai s/he beads things on a loom
mazinaabikiwebinige vai s/he types
mazinaakizige vai s/he takes a picture or pictures, photographs things
mazinibaganjige vai s/he makes a dental pictograph on a leaf
mazinibii'ige vai s/he draws, paints a picture of something
mazinichige vai s/he makes a decoration
mazinijiishkiwaginige vai s/he molds images with clay
mazinikojige vai s/he carves, sculpts something
maada'ige vai s/he scrapes hides
maadanjige vai s/he starts eating, starts chewing
maadaawajige vai s/he starts to haul things away
maadizhige vai s/he starts cutting
maagonige vai s/he presses on things (with hand)
maagwanjige vai s/he bites down on something
maajibii'ige vai s/he starts writing
maajiboojige vai s/he starts to saw, starts to file things
maajinizha'ige vai s/he sends things off
maakinaage vai s/he shoots and wounds game
maamakaajichige vai s/he does amazing things
maamawichige vai s/he gathers things; [pl] they get together to do something; they chip in, pool their money or resources
maamawisijige vai s/he puts things together
maamaagonige vai s/he kneads dough
maamiginige vai s/he collects something
maazhibii'ige vai s/he writes badly
maazhichige vai s/he does something wrong, does something bad
meshkodoonamaage vai s/he trades, exchanges (it) with (people)
meshkwadoonamaage vai s/he trades, exchanges things with people
meshkwadoonige vai s/he trades things, exchanges things
mikaage vai s/he finds people
mikige vai s/he finds things
mikobijige vai s/he finds things with hands
mimigosaga'ige vai s/he scrubs the floor
minjikanaakobijige vai s/he fences something, fences something in
minjiminige vai s/he holds things in place
minobii'ige vai s/he writes well
minochige vai s/he does things well, does a good job
minomaagochige vai s/he uses perfume
minomaasige vai s/he spreads a good smell by cooking or burning something
minopijige vai s/he likes the taste of something
misawenjige vai s/he wants, desires things
mitanjige vai s/he eats things plain (without condiments), eats without utensils
miziwebii'ige vai s/he writes all over something
miijimikanjige vai [S] s/he baits things
miikonaage vai s/he shoots someone (game) right on target, shoots and hits someone; s/he is a crack shot
miikonige vai s/he shoots something right on target, shoots and hits something
miikwa'ige vai s/he hits something dead center (using something)
miiwinige vai s/he pushes things away, rejects things
mookaabiigibijige vai s/he pulls something string-like out from behind so it shows
mookojige vai s/he carves things
moona'ige vai s/he digs things, digs things up
mooshkinachige vai [N] s/he fills things
moozhaginige vai s/he picks up, gathers, collects things
nagadanjige vai s/he is used to eating things
nagajimaanjige vai s/he is used to the smell of something
nagaawebishkige vai s/he applies the brakes
nagishkaage vai s/he meets people
na'inige vai s/he puts things away
na'isijige vai s/he puts things in order
na'iigisidamaw vta fix, adjust it (something sheet-like) on something for h/
nakwebijige vai s/he catches things
nakwetaage vai s/he answers (people)
nanaa'ichige vai s/he fixes, repairs things
nanaa'inige vai s/he puts things in order, puts things away, fixes things
nandawaabanjige vai s/he looks for, searches for things
nandawenjige vai
  1. s/he hunts or fishes for food
  2. s/he needs, wants things
nandodamaage vai s/he asks people, begs people for things
nandomaanjige vai s/he sniffs, smells for things
nandone'ige vai s/he looks for, seeks things
nandonge vai [ML] s/he asks for, calls, summons people
nandoojiinige vai s/he feels for, gropes for something
napaadagoojige vai s/he hangs things the wrong way
napaazikige vai s/he wears things wrong; s/he puts things on wrong
nase'ige vai s/he stirs to form sugar
nawadanjige vai s/he takes hold of things in h/ mouth. takes a bite of things
nawadinige vai s/he grabs, seizes something
naabibii'ige vai s/he copies things by writing or drawing
naabidoo'ige vai s/he threads, strings, beads things
naabigwa'oojige vai s/he lassoes something around the neck with a snare pole
naabinootaage vai s/he repeats what people say, mocks people
naabisijige vai s/he replaces things, puts things back, mounts things (on something)
naabishkaage vai s/he takes someone's place; s/he substitutes for someone; s/he covers for h/ (by taking h/ place)
naada'ige vai s/he goes get (things) by boat
naadamaage vai s/he helps people
naajinizha'ige vai s/he asks for, requests, orders things
naanaagajichige vai s/he pays close attention to things: guards, takes care of, preserves, respects, studies, analyzes things
naanigibijige vai s/he rips, tears things
naasaabibii'ige vai s/he copies things in writing
naazhaatenige vai s/he shines the light lower
naazhenige vai s/he turns things (fire, lights) down
naazikaage vai s/he goes to, approaches people
naazitaage vai s/he goes to where the sound (of them) is, follows their sound
nibendaage vai s/he stays overnight with people
ningaabikizige vai s/he melts things (mineral )
ningwada'ige vai s/he covers things using a hoe
ningwa'ige vai s/he buries things; s/he covers things with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.)
ningwaja'ige vai s/he covers things using a hoe
ningwaagone'ige vai s/he covers (things) with snow (using something)
nisidawinaage vai s/he recognizes, identifies people (by sight)
nishiwanaajichige vai [RL] s/he wastes, spoils, destroys things
nishkaazonge vai s/he speaks angrily to people
nishwanaajichige vai s/he wastes spoils, destroys things
nitamaage vai s/he kills (something) of people or for people
nitaage vai s/he kills game, kills people, murders; s/he mourns
nitaawibii'ige vai s/he knows how to write
nitaawichige vai s/he is skilled at something, knows how to make things
niimikaage vai s/he dances for people (for a purpose)
niisaabiiginige vai s/he lowers something on a rope
niisaaboojige vai s/he floats something down the rapids
niisaagone'ige vai s/he knocks the snow down
noobaajige vai s/he sucks on something
nookanjige vai s/he softens things in the mouth
nookibijige vai s/he softens things by working them with the hands
nookishkige vai s/he softens things with body weight or feet
nookwezige vai s/he smudges things medicinally
noomaabikinige vai s/he lubricate things
noominige vai s/he greases, oils things
noondaagochige vai s/he plays a wind instrument
noondesachige vai s/he runs short of things
nooskwaada'ige vai s/he licks something
nooshkaachige vai s/he winnows things, winnows wild rice
odaanzhenige vai s/he turns the fire down, dims the light
odaapinige vai s/he accepts, takes, picks things up
ojibwewibii'ige vai s/he writes in Ojibwe
okaadenige vai s/he braids things; s/he has braids
okosijige vai s/he piles, stacks things
okwaakosijige vai s/he stacks something (stick-like)
ombaabiiginige vai s/he hoists, lifts things with a rope
ombaasijige vai s/he tosses something up
ombibijige vai s/he pulls things upward
ombigamizige vai s/he boils something to sugar; s/he sugars off
ombinige vai s/he lifts, raises (things)
ombwewebinige vai s/he throws things around; s/he makes a mess
onadinige vai s/he forms, shapes, kneads, molds something (a soft substance) (by hand)
onagoojige vai s/he hangs things in place
onapijige vai s/he ties things in place; s/he harnesses up
onashkinachige vai [N] s/he packs, loads things in
onaabanjige vai s/he chooses, selects, picks things (by sight)
onaakonige vai s/he decides, plans, judges something; s/he is in court
ondanjige vai s/he eats from there, gets h/ food from there
ondinige vai s/he gets, obtains things from a certain place
oninige vai
  1. s/he forms, shapes, assembles, orders things
  2. s/he shuffles and deals cards
onizhige vai s/he cuts things out, cuts things to shape
onjiwijige vai s/he takes, carries things from a certain place
onwaachige vai s/he foretells the future, prophesies
onzaamaakizige vai s/he burns too much fuel; s/he overindulges in alcohol
onzaamichige vai s/he overdoes things
onzige vai s/he boils things
onzonge vai s/he nags, scolds (people)
ozhaawashkobii'ige vai s/he colors, paints things blue or green
ozaawaakizige vai s/he toasts something, browns something (by fire)
ozaawegizige vai s/he smokes a hide
ozaawibii'ige vai s/he paints or colors (things) yellow; s/he paints or colors (things) brown
ozhibii'ige vai s/he writes (things); s/he writes (things) down
ozhichige vai s/he makes, builds, forms things
ozhiga'ige vai s/he taps trees
ozhigaage vai s/he builds dwellings (lodge, house) for people
ozhisijige vai s/he puts something into shape, sets something in place; s/he makes a bed; s/he sets the table
ozhitamaage vai s/he makes something for people
ozhiiginige vai s/he rolls a cigarette
ozhiiginige vai s/he folds, prepares, sets something (sheet-like); s/he rolls a cigarette
ozhiigizhige vai s/he cuts out something sheet-like (fabric, paper, etc.)
wanawe'ige [BL] s/he stirs (things)
wanaweweba'ige vai s/he whisks something
wanaabidoo'ige vai s/he makes a mistake beading things on a loom
wanaabikinige vai s/he sets something (machine) wrong, strips the gears
wanibii'ige vai s/he makes a mistake writing something
wanichige vai s/he makes a mistake, makes things wrong
wawezhichige vai s/he decorates things
wawiingechige vai s/he does something skillfully, exactly; s/he makes things skilfully, exactly
wayezhinge vai s/he deceives, cheats people (by speech)
waabange vai s/he observes people, is a spectator, is a witness
waagibijige vai s/he bends something (by hand)
waaginige vai s/he bends (things)
waakaayaakobijige vai s/he fences something in
waasikwa'ige vai s/he polishes, shines things
waaswaagen vai + o use (it) as a torch or spotlight
waawiyebii'ige vai s/he draws a circle
waawiindamaage vai s/he explains, promises (something) to people
weba'ige vai s/he shoves things away (using something)
webaasinjige vai [N] s/he fans (things) away, lets (things) blow away
webinige vai s/he throws things away
webizhige vai s/he cuts (things) out or off, trims (things) (by cutting)
wewebizonikaagen vai + o s/he uses (it) to make a swing
wewese'ige vai s/he fans something
wiidookaage vai s/he helps people
wiidoopange vai s/he eats with others
wiikobijige vai s/he pulls things, plays slot machines
wiikonge vai s/he gives a feast; s/he invites people to a feast (especially as part of a ceremony)
wiikwanjige vai s/he sucks on things; s/he draws on things with mouth
wiikwazonge vai s/he persuades, urges, convinces people
wiinanjige vai s/he gets things dirty with the mouth, gets things dirty by eating them; s/he eats dirty things
wiindamaage vai s/he tells (it) to people, announces (it) to people, informs people
wiinichige vai s/he makes things dirty
wiinisagichige vai s/he makes the floor dirty
wiinishkige vai s/he gets clothes dirty wearing them, gets things with foot or body
wiiweginige vai s/he wraps (things)
wiiyaakwa'ige vai s/he baits with lure to attract furbearers
wiizhaange vai s/he invites people (to join an activity), asks people along
zaga'ige vai s/he fastens things (with something); s/he nails things
zagakinige vai s/he puts things away; s/he tidies things
zagakisijige vai s/he puts things in order, puts things away
zaganjige vai s/he holds on to something (with the mouth)
zagapijige vai s/he ties on, tows, hitches things
zagaakwa'ige vai s/he fastens, pins, buttons things
zaka'ige vai s/he lights something
zakizige vai s/he lights, ignites things, sets things on fire
zhawenjige vai s/he is merciful, is kind-hearted, has pity
zhaaboganaanjige vai s/he punches through something
zhaabonige vai s/he pushes things through
zhaaboshkaachige vai s/he sifts things
zhaaganaashiiwibii'ige vai s/he writes in English
zaaganenjige vai s/he has something sticking out of h/ mouth
zaagichige vai s/he loves, treasures things; s/he is stingy with things
zaagijiwebinige vai s/he throws things outside
zaagizichige vai s/he takes things out
zhaagwaagamichige vai s/he makes a weak drink
zhaashaagwanjige vai s/he chews things
zhegonige vai s/he sticks things in a tight place, inserts things
zikwaajige vai s/he spits on things
zisiboojige vai s/he files, grinds things down
ziswanjige vai s/he sprays water (on something) from the mouth
zhishigwa'ige vai s/he mashes, crushes something (using something)
zhizhoobii'ige vai s/he paints things
zhizhoo'ige vai s/he spreads things on (using something)
zhiibiigibijige vai s/he stretches things (by pulling)
ziiga'ige vai s/he pours things out (using something), scoops or ladles it out; s/he casts sugar cones
ziiginige vai s/he pours, spills things
zhiigonige vai s/he empties things
ziigwebinige vai s/he spills things, pours things out, dumps things out
ziikoobiiginige vai s/he strains things; s/he drains things, wrings things out
ziinaakwa'ige vii s/he wrings something out (using something stick-like)
ziinibijige vai s/he presses, squeezes, or wrings something to get liquid out
zhiishada'ige vai [RL] s/he sweeps
zhiiwaagamizige vai s/he makes syrup
zhiiwitaagana'ige vai s/he salts things
zhooshkonige vai
  1. s/he slides things
  2. s/he plays a game (with a movable game piece), plays checkers, plays dominoes, plays bingo, plays shuffleboard, curls
zhooshkwa'ige vai s/he irons clothes
zhooshkwega'ige vai s/he irons clothes