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/gaw-/ initial

prostrate, down and over, overturned
gawademo vai s/he cries and suddenly collapses, cries h/self to sleep
gawaganaam vta knock h/ over, down (by hitting)
gawaganaandan vti knock it down, over (by hitting)
gawa' vta fell it (animate), chop it (animate) down
gawa'an vti fell it, chop it (something stick-like) down
gawaji vai s/he is so cold s/he can't move, freezes to death
gawam vta chew h/ down
gawanaandam vai2 s/he starves
gawandan vti chew it down
gawanokii vai s/he collapses from overwork
gawaabaagwe vai s/he suffers from thirst
gawaakadozo vai s/he is really skinny, is starved
gawaakose vai s/he falls over (as something stick- or wood-like)
gawaakose vii it falls over (as something stick- or wood-like)
gawaakowebishkan vti knock it (something stick-like) over (with foot or body)
gawaapi vai s/he falls over from laughing so hard
gawaasin vii it is blown over (by the wind)
gawaaso vai s/he is prostrated by heat
gawaashi vai s/he is blown over (by the wind)
gawendam vai2 s/he is depressed, is extremely sad, is extremely lonely
gawibidoon vti2 pull it over or down
gawibizh vta pull h/ over or down; push h/ over
gawibii vai s/he falls down drunk
gawiboode vii it is sawn down
gawiboodoon vti2 saw it down
gawiboozh vta saw h/ down
gawiboozo vai s/he is sawn down
gawin vta upset h/ (by hand)
gawinan vti upset it by hand
gawingwashi vai s/he falls asleep
gawise vai s/he falls over
gawise vii it falls over
gawiskwagizi vai s/he bleeds profusely
gawishimo vai s/he lies down, goes to bed
gawiwebin vta throw, push, shove h/ down
gawiwebinan vti throw, push, shove it down
gawiwebishkan vti knock it over, down (with foot or body); kick it over, down
gawiwebishkaw vta knock h/ over, down (with foot or body); kick h/ over. down