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/gashkiiw-/ initial

closed in, completely covered
gashkiidibikate vii it is a pitch-dark indoors
gashkiidibikaakwaa vii the forest is dark
gashkiidibikinam vai2 s/he can't see in the dark
gashkiiwakwad vii cloud cover forms; the sky is overcast
gashkiiwanakwad vii there are dark clouds
gashkiiwaanakwagoode vii there are dark clouds in the sky
gashkiiwegabi vai s/he sits covered over with a blanket, sits wrapped up
gashkiiwegin vta wrap h/, it (animate) in a bundle
gashkiiweginan vti wrap it in a bundle
gashkiiwegishin vai s/he lies covered over with a blanket, is wrapped (in something sheet-like)
gashkiiwiingwepizh vta blindfold h/
gashkiiwiingwepizo vai s/he is blindfolded
gashkiiwiingweshin vai s/he lies with h/ face covered