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/-gaazo/ final

h/ undergoes action (by someone)
abizigaazo vai s/he is warmed at the fire (by someone), "they" warm h/ at the fire
achigaazo vai s/he is put in a certain place (by someone), "they" put h/ in a certain place
adisigaazo vai s/he is dyed, colored (by someone), "they" dye, color h/
aginjigaazo vai s/he is counted, is a member
agokiwasigaazo vai s/he is glued, pasted on (by someone)
agonjijigaazo vai s/he is put in to soak, "they" put it in to soak
agwa'igaazo vai s/he is sewn on
agwana'igaazo vai s/he is covered (by someone), "they" cover h/
agwapijigaazo vai s/he is attached by being tied on (by someone), "they" attach h/ by tying
agwaasijigaazo vai s/he is taken ashore; s/he is taken off the fire
agwaawebinigaazo vai s/he is thrown out of the water, is thrown ashore
agwinjijigaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is put into the water, immersed (by someone), "they" put h/ or it (animate) into the water, immerse h/ or it (animate)
ajidinigaazo vai s/he is held, turned upside down (by someone), "they" hold, turn h/ upside down
animikonigaazo vai s/he is turned face down (by someone), "they" turn h/ face down, s/he is turned facing away (by someone), "turn" turn h/ facing away
animikosijigaazo vai s/he is laid face down (by someone), "they" lay h/ face down
apagijigaazo vai s/he is thrown (by someone), "they" throw h/
asiginigaazo vai s/he is gathered up (by someone), "they" gather h/ up
azhenizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent back (by someone), "they" send h/ back
azhewijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken back (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ back
aaba'igaazo vai s/he is undone, untied, unfastened (by someone), "they" undo, untie, unfasten h/
aabajichigaazo vai s/he is used (by someone), "they" use h/
aabiskonigaazo vai s/he is undone (by someone), "they" undo h/ (using the hand)
aabiskweginigaazo vai s/he is unfolded (by someone), "they" unfold h/ (as something sheet-like)e]; it is unwrapped (by someone), "they" unwrap it (as something sheet-like)
aaboojiiginigaazo vai s/he (something sheet-like) is turned inside out (by someone)
aanawenjigaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is disliked
aanjichigaazo vai s/he is changed, made different (by someone); "they" change h/, make h/ different
aawajigaazo vai s/he is hauled (by someone), "they" haul h/
aazhawa'oojigaazo vai s/he is taken across by boat, ferried across (by someone)
badagwana'igaazo vai s/he is covered (by someone), "they" cover h/
badakisijigaazo vai s/he is stuck in something, planted in the ground (by someone)
bagidenjigaazo vai s/he is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/
bagidinigaazo vai s/he is set down, offered, released (by someone), "they" set h/ down; offer, release h/
bagijwebinigaazo vai s/he is released quickly (by someone), is thrown down quickly (by someone)
bagwa'igaazo vai s/he is patched (by someone), "they" patch h/; s/he wears patches
bakite'igaazo vai s/he is hit, struck (by someone), "they" hit, strike h/
bakobii'igaazo vai it (animate) is put in the water (by someone), "they" put it (animate) in the water
bakobiiwebinigaazo vai s/he is thrown into the water (by someone), "they" throw h/ into the water
bakwezhigaazo vai s/he has a piece cut off h/, "they" cut a piece off h/
baninigaazo vai s/he is dropped (by someone), "they" let h/ drop
baapichigaazo vai s/he is being laughed at (by someone), "they" laugh at h/
baasa'igaazo vai s/he is cracked, shattered (by someone using something), "they" crack, shatter it (using something)
baasibijigaazo vai s/he is cracked or shattered (by someone, with hands), "they" crack or shatter h/ (with hands)
baasigaazo vai s/he is dried (by someone), "they" dry h/
baazhida'igaazo vai s/he is stepped over, "they" step over h/
beshibii'igaazo vai h/ is marked with a line or stripe (by someone), "they" mark it with a line or stripe
bimiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried along (by someone), "they" carry h/ along
bina'igaazo vai s/he is taken down (by someone), "they" take h/ down
biskibijigaazo vai s/he is bent over, folded (by someone) (with hands), "they" bend h/ over, fold h/ (with hands)
bishigwapijigaazo vai s/he is missed in being tied (by someone), "they" miss tying h/
biigobijigaazo vai s/he is torn, ripped (by someone), "they" tear, rip h/
biigozhigaazo vai s/he is cut up
biigwanjigaazo vai s/he is chewed up (by someone), "they" chew h/ up
biijigaazo vai s/he is brought (by someone), "they" bring h/
biina'igaazo vai s/he is put in (by someone), "they" put h/ in
biindigajigaazo vai s/he is brought in (by someone), "they" bring h/ in
biinichigaazo vai s/he is cleaned (by someone), "they" clean h/
boodaajii'igaazo vai s/he is inflated (by someone), "they" inflate h/
boonichigaazo vai s/he is left alone (by someone), "they" leave h/ alone, quit h/
boozichigaazo vai s/he is loaded on (by someone), "they" load h/ on; s/he is put on board (by someone), "they" put h/ on board
dagonigaazo vai s/he is added, mixed in, "they" add, mix it in
dagozigaazo vai s/he is added to cook
dakobijigaazo vai
  1. s/he is tied, bound (by someone)
  2. s/he is wrapped for burial
dakonigaazo vai
  1. s/he is held (by someone), "they" hold h/
  2. s/he is arrested, "they" arrest h/
danaadojigaazo vai s/he is told of in a certain place, "they" tell of h/ in a certain place
dazhinjigaazo vai s/he is talked, gossiped about (by someone), "they" talk, gossip about h/
dazhiikigaazo vai s/he is worked on, worked at (by someone), "they" work on, work at h/
daashkiga'igaazo vai s/he is split (by someone chopping h/), "they" split h/ (by chopping)
debibijigaazo vai s/he is grabbed, caught, reached and taken, got hold of (by someone)
diba'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is paid for (by someone), "they" pay for h/ or it (animate)
dibaakonigaazo vai s/he is judged, is sentenced (by someone), "they" judge, sentence h/
dibenjigaazo vai
  1. s/he is controlled, owned, ruled (by someone), "they" control, own, rule h/
  2. s/he is a member
gabaachigaazo vai it (animate) is cooked by boiling (by someone), "they" cook it (animate) by boiling
ganawaabanjigaazo vai s/he is looked at (by someone), "they" look at h/, s/he is watched (by someone), "they" watch h/
ganawenjigaazo vai s/he is taken care of, protected, kept (by someone), "they" take care of, protect, keep h/
gashka'oojigaazo vai it (animate) is laced and tied (by someone), "they" lace and tie it (animate)
gashkaabika'igaazo vai s/he is locked (by someone), "they" lock h/
gashkibijigaazo vai s/he is wrapped and tied in a bundle (by someone)
gashkiwijigaazo vai "they" are able to carry, take h/
gashkiiginigaazo vai s/he is wrapped up
gawa'igaazo vai it (animate) is chopped down (by someone), "they" chop it (animate) down
gawinigaazo vai s/he is taken down, is upset, "they" take h/ down, upset h/
gaajigaazo vai s/he is hidden (by someone), "they" hide h/
gaanda'igaazo vai s/he is pushed (by someone) (using something), "they" push h/ (using something)
gaandinigaazo vai s/he is pushed (by someone), "they" push h/
gaanjweba'igaazo vai s/he is shoved (by someone) (using something), "they" shove h/ (using something)
gaanjwebishkigaazo vai s/he is shoved (with foot or body) (by someone)
gaanzikigaazo vai s/he is pushed (with foot or body) (by someone), "they" push h/ (with foot or body)
gaasii'igaazo vai s/he is wiped (by someone) (using something)
giba'igaazo vai s/he is stopped up, plugged, blocked (by someone), "they" stop up, plug, block h/
gibaabowe'igaazo vai it (animate) has a lid on it, "they" put a lid on it (animate)
gibaakwa'igaazo vai s/he is jailed, imprisoned (by someone), "they" jail, imprison h/
gibokiwasigaazo vai s/he is glued shut (by someone), "they" glue it shut
gidaagaazo vai all of h/ is eaten (by someone), "they" eat all of h/
gikachigaazo vai s/he is pawned, hocked (be someone), "they" pawn, hock h/
gikinawaajichigaazo vai s/he is marked (by someone), "they" mark h/
ginigawinigaazo vai s/he is mixed in (by someone), "they" mix h/ in
giziibiiga'igaazo vai s/he is washed (by someone), "they" wash h/
giziibiiginigaazo vai s/he is washed (by someone), "they" wash h/
giishkibijigaazo vai s/he is torn off (by someone), "they" tear h/ off
giishkiga'igaazo vai s/he is chopped off (by someone) (with ax)
giishkizhigaazo vai s/he is cut off (by someone), "they" cut h/ off
giiwewijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken home (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ home
giizhichigaazo vai s/he is finished (by someone), "they" finish h/
gojichigaazo vai s/he is tried out (by someone), "they" try h/ out
gopiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken inland (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ inland
gwekinigaazo vai s/he is turned (by someone) by hand
ikonigaazo vai s/he is set out of the way (by someone), "they" set h/ out of the way; s/he is evicted (by someone), "they" evict h/
ikosijigaazo vai s/he is put out of the way, removed (by someone), "they" put h/ out of the way, remove h/
ikowebinigaazo vai s/he is pushed, shoved, tossed, thown aside or out of the way (by someone), "they" push, shove, toss, throw h/ aside or out of the way
inaaginigaazo vai s/he is bent a certain way (by someone), "they" bend it a certain way
inaakonigaazo vai s/he is judged a certain way (by someone), "they" judge h/ a certain way; s/he is sentenced a certain way (by someone), "they" sentence h/ a certain way
ininigaazo vai s/he is held a certain way (by someone), "they" hold h/ a certain way; s/he is handled a certain way (by someone), "they" handle h/ a certain way
inizhigaazo vai s/he is cut a certain way (by someone), "they" cut h/ a certain way
ishkonigaazo vai s/he is reserved, saved, left (by someone), "they" reserve, save, leave h/
ishkwanjigaazo vai s/he is left over from eating (by someone), "they" leave h/ as leftovers
izhibii'igaazo vai s/he is written a certain way (by someone), "they" write h/ a certain way; h/ is colored such a color (by someone), "they" color h/ such a color
izhichigaazo vai s/he is made a certain way (by someone), "they" make h/ a certain way
izhinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent to a certain place (by someone), "they" send h/ to a certain place
izhiwijigaazo vai s/he is taken, carried to a certain place (by someone), "they" take, carry it to a certain place
izhiiginigaazo vai s/he is folded a certain way (sheet-like)
jaaginigaazo vai s/he is used up, depleted (by someone), "they" use h/ up, deplete h/; h/ is spent (by someone), "they" spend h/
madaabiiwijigaazo vai s/he is taken, carried down to the shore (by someone), "they" take, carry h/ down to the shore
madwe'igaazo vai sh/e is drummed on (by someone), "they" drum on h/
makadewibii'igaazo vai s/he is painted black (by someone)
mamaanjigwapijigaazo vai s/he is bound securely (by someone), "they" bind h/ securely; s/he is restrained by being tied (by someone), "they" restrain h/ by tying h/
mamigaazo vai s/he is taken (by someone), "they" take h/, s/he is picked up (by someone), "they" pick h/ up
mashkawinigaazo vai s/he is held tight (by someone), "they" hold h/ tight
mazinibii'igaazo vai s/he is drawn (by someone), "they" draw h/
mazinichigaazo vai s/he is represented or depicted in an image
maagonigaazo vai s/he is pressed on (by someone with hand), "they" press on h/ (with hand)
maajinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent off (by someone), "they" send h/ off
maajiijigaazo vai s/he is taken away (by someone), "they" take h/ away' s/he is taken along (by someone), "they" take it along
maajiiwijigaazo vai s/he is taken away, carried away (by someone), "they" take, carry h/ away
maamiginigaazo vai h/ is collected together, "they" collect them together
mikigaazo vai s/he is found (by someone), "they" find h/
minjiminigaazo vai s/he is held in place (by someone), "they" hold h/ in place
miikonigaazo vai s/he is shot right on target (by someone), "they" shoot h/ right on target
miikwa'igaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is hit dead center (by someone)
moona'igaazo vai s/he is dug up (by someone), "they" dig h/ up
na'inigaazo vai s/he is put away (by someone), "they" put h/ away; s/he is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/
nanaa'ichigaazo vai s/he is fixed, repaired (by someone), "they" fix, repair h/
nandawenjigaazo vai s/he is looked for, sought (by someone). "they" look for, seek h/
nandone'igaazo vai s/he is looked for, sought (by someone). "they" look for, seek h/
naabidoo'igaazo vai s/he is threaded, strung (by someone), "they" thread, string it
naajigaazo vai s/he is fetched, picked up (by someone); "they" fetch, pick h/ up
naajinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent for (by someone), "they" send for h/
naanaagajichigaazo vai close attention is paid to h/ or it (animate) (by someone), "they" pay close attention to h/ or it (animate): guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze
ningwa'igaazo vai s/he is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/
ningwakamiga'igaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is buried in the ground (by someone), "they" bury h/, it (animate) in the ground
niisaabiiginigaazo vai s/he is lowered on a rope (by someone), "they" lower h/ on a rope
niisiiwezhigaazo vai s/he is cut into fringe (by someone), "they" cut it into fringe
odaabaajigaazo vai s/he is dragged (by someone), "they" drag h/
odaapinigaazo vai s/he is taken, accepted, picked up (by someone); "they" take, accept, pick it up
okosijigaazo vai s/he is piled, stacked (by someone); "they" pile, stack (it) for h/
ombaabiiginigaazo vai s/he is hoisted, lifted, raised with a rope (by someone); "they" hoist, lift, raise it with a rope
ombibijigaazo vai s/he is pulled upward (by someone), "they" pull it upwards
ombinigaazo vai s/he is lifted, raised (by someone); "they" lift, raise h/
ombwewebinigaazo vai h/ is thrown around (by someone), "they" throw h/ around
onaabanjigaazo vai s/he is chosen, selected, picked (by someone), "they" choose, select, pick h/ (by sight)
ondinigaazo vai s/he is obtained from a certain place (by someone); "they" get, obtain h/ from a certain place
oninigaazo vai s/he is formed, shaped, assembled, put in order (by someone)
onizhigaazo vai it (animate) is cut out, cut to shape (by someone), "they" cut it (animate) out, cut it (animate) to shape
onjiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried from a certain place (by someone), "they" carry h/ from a certain place
onzigaazo vai s/he is boiled (by someone), "they" boil h/
ozaawibii'igaazo vai s/he is painted or colored yellow (by someone), "they" paint or color h/ yellow; s/he is painted or colored brown (by someone), "they: paint or color h/ brown
ozhibii'igaazo vai s/he is written down (as on a list) (by someone), "they write h/ down
ozhichigaazo vai s/he is made, built, formed (by someone), "they" make, build, form h/
ozisijigaazo vai it (animate) is set in place or in order
ozhiiginigaazo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is folded, prepared, set (by someone), "they" fold, prepare, set it (animate; sheet-like)
wanichigaazo vai s/he is lost (by someone), "they" lose h/
wawezhichigaazo vai s/he is decorated (by someone), "they" decorate h/
waabanjigaazo vai s/he is seen (by someone), "they" see h/
waagibijigaazo vai s/he is bent (by someone), "they" bend h/
waasikwa'igaazo vai s/he is polished, shined (by someone), "they" polish h/
waawaabanjigaazo vai s/he is examined, is inspected (by someone), "they" examine, inspect it
waawiyezhigaazo vai s/he is cut round, into a circle, "they" cut h/ round, into a circle
waawiinjigaazo vai s/he is talked about repeatedly, "they" keep talking about h/
weba'igaazo vai s/he is shoved away (by somebody) (using something), "they" shove h/ away (using something)
webinigaazo vai s/he is thrown away (by someone), "they" throw h/ away
webizhigaazo vai s/he is cut out or off, trimmed (by someone), "they" cut if out or off, trim it (by cutting)
wewese'igaazo vai s/he is fanned (by someone), "they" fan h/
wiikobijigaazo vai s/he is pulled (by someone), "they" pull h/
wiinichigaazo vai s/he is made dirty (by someone), "they" make it dirty
wiiweginigaazo vai s/he is wrapped (by someone), "they" wrap h/
zaga'igaazo vai h/ is fastened (with something) (by someone), "they" fasten h/ (with something); s/he is nailed (by someone), "they" nail h/
zagakinigaazo vai s/he is put away (by someone), "they" put h/ away; s/he is tidied (by someone), "they" tidy h/
zagakisijigaazo vai s/he is put away (by someone), "they" put h/ away; s/he is put in order (by someone), "they" put h/ in order
zagapijigaazo vai s/he is tied on, towed, hitched (by someone), "they" tie on, hitch, tow h/
zagaabiiginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is attached to a line (by someone), "they" attach a line on h/ or it (animate); s/he is tied on a leash or line (by someone)
zagaakwa'igaazo vai s/he is fastened, pinned, buttoned (by someone), "they" fasten, pin, button it
zaka'igaazo vai s/he is set on fire, lit (by someone), "they" set h/ on fire, light h/
zhaabonigaazo vai s/he is pushed through by somebody [by/with hand]
zaagichigaazo vai s/he is loved, treasured (by someone), "they" love, treasure h/
zaagijiwebinigaazo vai s/he is thrown outside (by someone), "they" throw h/ outside
zaagijiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken out (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ out
zaagizichigaazo vai s/he is taken outside (by someone), "they" take it outside
zhegonigaazo vai s/he is stuck in a tight place (by someone), "they" stick it in a tight place
zinigonigaazo vai s/he is rubbed with something (by someone), "they" rub h/ with something
zhizhoobii'igaazo vai s/he is painted (by someone), "they" paint h/
zhiibiigibijigaazo vai s/he is stretched (by someone) (by pulling), "they" stretch it (by pulling)
ziiginigaazo vai s/he is poured out (by someone), "they" pour h/ out
zhiigonigaazo vai s/he is emptied (by someone), "they" empty h/
ziigwebinigaazo vai s/he is spilled, poured out, dumped out, "they" spill it, pour it out, dump it out
ziikoobiiginigaazo vai s/he is strained (by someone), "they" strain h/; s/he is drained, wrung out (by someone), "they" drain h/, wring h/ out
ziinaakwa'igaazo vai s/he is wrung out (by someone), "they" wring h/ out (using something stick-like)
zhiiwitaagana'igaazo vai s/he is salted (by someone), "they" salt h/