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/-gaazo/ final

h/ or it (animate) undergoes action (by someone)
abizigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is warmed at the fire (by someone), "they" warm h/ or it at the fire
achigaazo vai s/he is put in a certain place (by someone), "they" put h/ in a certain place
adisigaazo vai it (animate) is dyed, colored (by someone), "they" dye, color it (animate)
aginjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is counted (by someone)
agokiwasigaazo vai it (animate) is glued, pasted on (by someone)
agonjijigaazo vai s/he is put in to soak, "they" put it in to soak
agwa'igaazo vai it (animate) is attached (by someone); it (animate) is sewn on
agwana'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is covered (by someone), "they" cover h/ or it (animate)
agwapijigaazo vai s/he is attached by being tied on (by someone), "they" attach h/ by tying
agwaabiiginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is taken out of or off the water (by someone)
agwaasijigaazo vai s/he is taken ashore; s/he is taken off the fire
agwaawebinigaazo vai s/he is thrown out of the water, is thrown ashore
agwinjijigaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is put into the water, immersed (by someone), "they" put h/ or it (animate) into the water, immerse h/ or it (animate)
ajidinigaazo vai s/he is held, turned upside down (by someone), "they" hold, turn h/ upside down
akwaabiigizhigaazo vai it (animate; string-like) is cut to a certain length (by someone), "they" cut it (animate; string-like) to a certain length
animikonigaazo vai s/he is turned face down (by someone), "they" turn h/ face down, s/he is turned facing away (by someone), "turn" turn h/ facing away
animikosijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is laid face down (by someone), "they" lay h/ or it face down
apagijigaazo vai s/he is thrown (by someone), "they" throw h/
asiginigaazo vai it (animate) is gathered up (by someone), "they" gather it (animate) up
azhenizha'igaazo vai it (animate) is sent back (by someone), "they" send it (animate) back
azhewijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken back (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ back
aaba'igaazo vai s/he is undone, untied, unfastened (by someone), "they" undo, untie, unfasten h/
aabajichigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is used (by someone), "they" use h/ or it (animate)
aabiskonigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is undone (by someone), "they" undo h/ or it (animate) (using the hand)
aabiskweginigaazo vai s/he is unfolded (by someone), "they" unfold h/ (as something sheet-like)e]; it is unwrapped (by someone), "they" unwrap it (as something sheet-like)
aaboojiiginigaazo vai s/he (something sheet-like) is turned inside out (by someone)
aanawenjigaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is disliked
aanjichigaazo vai s/he is changed, made different (by someone); "they" change h/, make h/ different
aawajigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is hauled (by someone), "they" haul h/ or it
aazhawa'oojigaazo vai s/he is taken across by boat, ferried across (by someone)
badagwana'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is covered (by someone), "they" cover h/ or it (animate)
badakisijigaazo vai s/he is stuck in something, planted in the ground (by someone)
bagidenjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/ or it (animate)
bagidinigaazo vai s/he is set down, offered, released (by someone), "they" set h/ down; offer, release h/
bagijwebinigaazo vai s/he is released quickly (by someone), is thrown down quickly (by someone)
bagwa'igaazo vai it (animate) is patched (by someone), "they" patch it (animate); s/he wears patches
bakite'igaazo vai s/he is hit, struck (by someone), "they" hit, strike h/
bakobii'igaazo vai it (animate) is put in the water (by someone), "they" put it (animate) in the water
bakobiiwebinigaazo vai s/he is thrown into the water (by someone), "they" throw h/ into the water
bakwezhigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) has a piece cut off (by someone), "they" cut a piece off h/ or it (animate)
baninigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is dropped (by someone), "they" let h/ or it (animate) drop
baapichigaazo vai s/he is being laughed at (by someone), "they" laugh at h/
baasa'igaazo vai s/he is cracked, shattered (by someone using something), "they" crack, shatter it (using something)
baasibijigaazo vai it (animate) is cracked or shattered (by someone, with hands), "they" crack or shatter it (animate) (with hands)
baasigaazo vai s/he is dried (by someone), "they" dry h/
baazhida'igaazo vai s/he oor it (animate) is stepped over, "they" step over h/ or it (animate)
beshibii'igaazo vai h/ is marked with a line or stripe (by someone), "they" mark it with a line or stripe
bimiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried along (by someone), "they" carry h/ along
bina'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is taken down (by someone), "they" take h/ or it (animate) down
biskibijigaazo vai s/he is bent over, folded (by someone) (with hands), "they" bend h/ over, fold h/ (with hands)
bishigwapijigaazo vai s/he is missed in being tied (by someone), "they" miss tying h/
biigobijigaazo vai s/he is torn, ripped (by someone), "they" tear, rip h/
biigozhigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is cut up
biigwanjigaazo vai s/he is chewed up (by someone), "they" chew h/ up
biijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is brought (by someone), "they" bring h/ or it (animate)
biina'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is put in (by someone), "they" put h/ or it (animate) in
biindigajigaazo vai s/he is brought in (by someone), "they" bring h/ in
biinichigaazo vai s/he is cleaned (by someone), "they" clean h/
boodaajii'igaazo vai s/he is inflated (by someone), "they" inflate h/
boonichigaazo vai s/he is left alone (by someone), "they" leave h/ alone, quit h/
boozichigaazo vai s/he is loaded on (by someone), "they" load h/ on; s/he or it (animate) is put on board (by someone), "they" put h/ or it (animate) on board
dagonigaazo vai s/he is added, mixed in, "they" add, mix it in
dagozigaazo vai s/he is added to cook
dakobijigaazo vai
  1. s/he is tied, bound (by someone)
  2. s/he is wrapped for burial
dakonigaazo vai
  1. s/he is held (by someone), "they" hold h/
  2. s/he is arrested, "they" arrest h/
dakwaabiigizhigaazo vai it (animate; string-like) is cut short (by someone), "they" cut it (animate; string-like) short
danaadojigaazo vai s/he is told of in a certain place, "they" tell of h/ in a certain place
dazhinjigaazo vai s/he is talked, gossiped about (by someone), "they" talk, gossip about h/
dazhiikigaazo vai s/he is worked on, worked at (by someone), "they" work on, work at h/
daashkiga'igaazo vai s/he is split (by someone chopping h/), "they" split h/ (by chopping)
debibijigaazo vai s/he is grabbed, caught, reached and taken, got hold of (by someone)
diba'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is paid for (by someone), "they" pay for h/ or it (animate)
dibaakonigaazo vai s/he is judged, is sentenced (by someone), "they" judge, sentence h/
dibenjigaazo vai
  1. s/he is controlled, owned, ruled (by someone), "they" control, own, rule h/
  2. s/he is a member
gabaachigaazo vai it (animate) is cooked by boiling (by someone), "they" cook it (animate) by boiling
gakakiigizhigaazo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is cut square( by someone), "they" cut it (animate; sheet-like) square
ganawaabanjigaazo vai s/he is looked at (by someone), "they" look at h/, s/he is watched (by someone), "they" watch h/
ganawenjigaazo vai s/he is taken care of, protected, kept (by someone), "they" take care of, protect, keep h/
gashka'oojigaazo vai it (animate) is laced and tied (by someone), "they" lace and tie it (animate)
gashkaabika'igaazo vai s/he is locked (by someone), "they" lock h/
gashkibijigaazo vai s/he is wrapped and tied in a bundle (by someone)
gashkiwijigaazo vai "they" are able to carry, take h/
gashkiiginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is wrapped up; "they" wrap h. or it (animate) up
gawa'igaazo vai it (animate) is chopped down (by someone), "they" chop it (animate) down
gawinigaazo vai s/he is taken down, is upset, "they" take h/ down, upset h/
gaajigaazo vai s/he is hidden (by someone), "they" hide h/
gaanda'igaazo vai s/he is pushed (by someone) (using something), "they" push h/ (using something)
gaandinigaazo vai s/he is pushed (by someone), "they" push h/
gaanjweba'igaazo vai s/he is shoved (by someone) (using something), "they" shove h/ (using something)
gaanjwebishkigaazo vai s/he is shoved (with foot or body) (by someone)
gaanzikigaazo vai s/he is pushed (with foot or body) (by someone), "they" push h/ (with foot or body)
gaasii'igaazo vai s/he is wiped (by someone) (using something)
giba'igaazo vai s/he is stopped up, plugged, blocked (by someone), "they" stop up, plug, block h/
gibaabowe'igaazo vai it (animate) has a lid on it, "they" put a lid on it (animate)
gibaakwa'igaazo vai s/he is jailed, imprisoned (by someone), "they" jail, imprison h/
gibokiwasigaazo vai s/he is glued shut (by someone), "they" glue it shut
gidaagaazo vai all of h/ is eaten (by someone), "they" eat all of h/
gikachigaazo vai it (animate) is pawned, hocked (be someone), "they" pawn, hock it (animate)
gikinawaajichigaazo vai s/he is marked (by someone), "they" mark h/
ginigawinigaazo vai s/he is mixed in (by someone), "they" mix h/ in
ginwaabiigizhigaazo vai it (animate; string-like) is cut long (by someone), "they" cut it (animate; string-like) long
giziibiiga'igaazo vai s/he is washed (by someone), "they" wash h/
giziibiiginigaazo vai s/he is washed (by someone), "they" wash h/
giishkibijigaazo vai s/he is torn off (by someone), "they" tear h/ off
giishkiga'igaazo vai it (animate) is cut through (by someone) (with an ax), "they" cut through it (animate) (with an ax); it (animate) is chopped (by someone) (with ax), "they" chop it (animate) (with an ax)
giishkizhigaazo vai s/he is cut off (by someone), "they" cut h/ off
giiwewijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken home (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ home
giizhichigaazo vai s/he is finished (by someone), "they" finish h/
gojichigaazo vai s/he is tried out (by someone), "they" try h/ out
gopiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried, taken inland (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ inland
gwekinigaazo vai s/he is turned (by someone) by hand
ikonigaazo vai s/he is set out of the way (by someone), "they" set h/ out of the way; s/he is evicted (by someone), "they" evict h/
ikosijigaazo vai s/he is put out of the way, removed (by someone), "they" put h/ out of the way, remove h/
ikowebinigaazo vai s/he is pushed, shoved, tossed, thown aside or out of the way (by someone), "they" push, shove, toss, throw h/ aside or out of the way
inaaginigaazo vai s/he is bent a certain way (by someone), "they" bend it a certain way
inaakonigaazo vai s/he is judged a certain way (by someone), "they" judge h/ a certain way; s/he is sentenced a certain way (by someone), "they" sentence h/ a certain way
ininigaazo vai s/he is held a certain way (by someone), "they" hold h/ a certain way; s/he is handled a certain way (by someone), "they" handle h/ a certain way
inizhigaazo vai s/he is cut a certain way (by someone), "they" cut h/ a certain way
ishkonigaazo vai s/he is reserved, saved, left (by someone), "they" reserve, save, leave h/
ishkwanjigaazo vai it (animate) is left over from eating (by someone), "they" leave it (animate) as leftovers
izhibii'igaazo vai s/he is written a certain way (by someone), "they" write h/ a certain way; h/ is colored such a color (by someone), "they" color h/ such a color
izhichigaazo vai s/he is made a certain way (by someone), "they" make h/ a certain way
izhinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent to a certain place (by someone), "they" send h/ to a certain place
izhiwijigaazo vai s/he is taken, carried to a certain place (by someone), "they" take, carry it to a certain place
izhiiginigaazo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is folded a certain way
jaaginigaazo vai s/he is used up, depleted (by someone), "they" use h/ up, deplete h/; h/ is spent (by someone), "they" spend h/
madaabiiwijigaazo vai s/he is taken, carried down to the shore (by someone), "they" take, carry h/ down to the shore
madwe'igaazo vai sh/e is drummed on (by someone), "they" drum on h/
makadewibii'igaazo vai it (animate) is painted black (by someone)
mamaanjigwapijigaazo vai s/he is bound securely (by someone), "they" bind h/ securely; s/he is restrained by being tied (by someone), "they" restrain h/ by tying h/
mamigaazo vai s/he is taken (by someone), "they" take h/, s/he is picked up (by someone), "they" pick h/ up
manaajichigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is spared, is respected (by someone), "they" spare, respect, go easy on h/ or it (animate)
mashkawinigaazo vai s/he is held tight (by someone), "they" hold h/ tight
mazinaabidoo'igaazo vai it (animate) is decorated with loom beadwork (by someone); s/he is wearing loomed beadwork
mazinibii'igaazo vai s/he is drawn (by someone), "they" draw h/
mazinichigaazo vai s/he is represented or depicted in an image
maagonigaazo vai s/he is pressed on (by someone with hand), "they" press on h/ (with hand)
maajinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent off (by someone), "they" send h/ off
maajiijigaazo vai s/he is taken away (by someone), "they" take h/ away' s/he is taken along (by someone), "they" take it along
maajiiwijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is taken away, carried away (by someone), "they" take, carry h/ or it (animate) away
maamiginigaazo vai h/ is collected together, "they" collect them together
mikigaazo vai s/he is found (by someone), "they" find h/
minjiminigaazo vai s/he is held in place (by someone), "they" hold h/ in place
miikonigaazo vai s/he is shot right on target (by someone), "they" shoot h/ right on target
miikwa'igaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is hit dead center (by someone)
moona'igaazo vai s/he is dug up (by someone), "they" dig h/ up
na'inigaazo vai it (animate) is put away (by someone), "they" put it (animate) away; s/he or it (animate) is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/ or it (animate)
nanaa'ichigaazo vai s/he is fixed, repaired (by someone), "they" fix, repair h/
nandawenjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is looked for, sought (by someone). "they" look for, seek h/ or it (animate)
nandone'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is looked for, sought (by someone). "they" look for, seek h/ or it (animate)
naabidoo'igaazo vai it (animate) is threaded, strung (by someone), "they" thread, string it (animate)
naajigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is fetched, picked up (by someone); "they" fetch, pick h/ or it (animate) up
naajinizha'igaazo vai s/he is sent for (by someone), "they" send for h/
naanaagajichigaazo vai close attention is paid to h/ or it (animate) (by someone), "they" pay close attention to h/ or it (animate): guard, take care of, preserve, respect, study, analyze
ningwa'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is buried (by someone), "they" bury h/ or it (animate); s/he or it (animate) is covered (by someone) with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.), "they" cover h/ or it (animate) with something (soil, sand, snow, leaves, etc.)
ningwakamiga'igaazo vai s/he, it (animate) is buried in the ground (by someone), "they" bury h/, it (animate) in the ground
niisaabiiginigaazo vai s/he is lowered on a rope (by someone), "they" lower h/ on a rope
niisiiwezhigaazo vai s/he is cut into fringe (by someone), "they" cut it into fringe
odaabaajigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is dragged (by someone), "they" drag h/ or it (animate)
odaapinigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is taken, accepted, picked up (by someone); "they" take, accept, pick h/ or it (animate) up
okosijigaazo vai it (animate) is piled, stacked (by someone); "they" pile, stack it (animate)
ombaabiiginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is hoisted, lifted, raised with a rope (by someone); "they" hoist, lift, raise h/ or it (animate) with a rope
ombibijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is pulled upward (by someone), "they" pull h/ or it (animate) upwards
ombinigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is lifted, raised (by someone); "they" lift, raise h/ or it (animate)
ombwewebinigaazo vai h/ or it (animate) is thrown around (by someone), "they" throw h/ or it (animate) around
onaabanjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is chosen, selected, picked (by someone), "they" choose, select, pick h/ or it (animate) (by sight)
ondinigaazo vai s/he is obtained from a certain place (by someone); "they" get, obtain h/ from a certain place
oninigaazo vai it (animate) is formed, shaped, assembled, put in order (by someone)
onizhigaazo vai it (animate) is cut out, cut to shape (by someone), "they" cut it (animate) out, cut it (animate) to shape
onjiwijigaazo vai s/he is carried from a certain place (by someone), "they" carry h/ from a certain place
onzigaazo vai s/he is boiled (by someone), "they" boil h/
ozaawibii'igaazo vai it (animate) is painted or colored yellow (by someone), "they" paint or color it (animate) yellow; it (animate) is painted or colored brown (by someone), "they: paint or color it (animate) brown
ozhibii'igaazo vai s/he is written down (as on a list) (by someone), "they write h/ down
ozhichigaazo vai s/he is made, built, formed (by someone), "they" make, build, form h/
ozhiga'igaazo vai it (animate; a tree) is tapped, can be tapped (by someone)
ozisijigaazo vai it (animate) is set in place or in order
ozhiiginigaazo vai it (animate; sheet-like) is folded, prepared, set (by someone), "they" fold, prepare, set it (animate; sheet-like)
wanichigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is lost (by someone), "they" lose h/ or it (animate)
wawezhichigaazo vai s/he is decorated (by someone), "they" decorate h/
waabanjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is seen (by someone), "they" see h/ or it (animate)
waagibijigaazo vai it (animate) is bent (by someone), "they" bend it (animate)
waasikwa'igaazo vai it (animate) is polished, shined (by someone), "they" polish it (animate)
waawaabanjigaazo vai s/he is examined, is inspected (by someone), "they" examine, inspect it
waawiyezhigaazo vai it (animate) is cut round into a circle (by someone), "they" cut it (animate) round into a circle
waawiinjigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is talked about repeatedly, "they" keep talking about h/ or it (animate)
weba'igaazo vai s/he is shoved away (by somebody) (using something), "they" shove h/ away (using something)
webinigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is thrown away (by someone), "they" throw h/ or it (animate) away
webizhigaazo vai it (animate) is cut out or off, trimmed (by someone), "they" cut it (animate) out or off, trim it (animate) (by cutting)
wewese'igaazo vai s/he is fanned (by someone), "they" fan h/
wiikobijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is pulled (by someone), "they" pull h/ or it (animate)
wiikongechigaazo vai it (animate) is feasted (by someone), "they" feast it (animate)
wiinichigaazo vai s/he is made dirty (by someone), "they" make it dirty
wiiweginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is wrapped (by someone), "they" wrap h/ or it (animate)
zaga'igaazo vai it (animate) is fastened (with something) (by someone), "they" fasten it (animate) (with something); it (animate) is nailed (by someone), "they" nail it (animate)
zagakinigaazo vai it (animate) is put away (by someone), "they" put it (animate) away; it (animate) is tidied (by someone), "they" tidy it (animate)
zagakisijigaazo vai it (animate) is put away (by someone), "they" put it (animate) away; it (animate) is put in order (by someone), "they" put it (animate) in order
zagapijigaazo vai it (animate) is tied on, towed, hitched (by someone), "they" tie on, hitch, tow it (animate)
zagaabiiginigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is attached to a line (by someone), "they" attach a line on h/ or it (animate); s/he is tied on a leash or line (by someone)
zagaakwa'igaazo vai it (animate) is fastened, pinned, buttoned (by someone), "they" fasten, pin, button it (animate)
zaka'igaazo vai it (animate) is set on fire, lit (by someone), "they" set it (animate) on fire, light it (animate)
zhawenjigaazo vai s/he is beloved; be respected
zhaabonigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is pushed through by somebody (by/with hand)
zaagichigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is loved, treasured (by someone), "they" love, treasure h/ or it (animate)
zaagijiwebinigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is thrown outside (by someone), "they" throw h/ or it (animate) outside
zaagijiwijigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is carried, taken out (by someone), "they" carry, take h/ or it (animate)out
zaagizichigaazo vai s/he is taken outside (by someone), "they" take it outside
zhegonigaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is stuck in a tight place (by someone), "they" stick h/ or it (animate) in a tight place
zinigonigaazo vai s/he is rubbed with something (by someone), "they" rub h/ with something
zhizhoobii'igaazo vai s/he or it (animate) is painted (by someone), "they" paint h/ or it (animate)
zhiibiigibijigaazo vai s/he is stretched (by someone) (by pulling), "they" stretch it (by pulling)
ziiginigaazo vai it (animate) is poured out (by someone), "they" pour it (animate) out
zhiigonigaazo vai it (animate) is emptied (by someone), "they" empty it (animate)
ziigwebinigaazo vai it (animate) is spilled, poured out, dumped out, "they" spill it, pour it out, dump it out
ziikoobiiginigaazo vai it (animate) is strained (by someone), "they" strain it (animate); s/he is drained, wrung out (by someone), "they" drain h/, wring h/ out
ziinaakwa'igaazo vai it (animate) is wrung out (by someone), "they" wring it (animate) out (using something stick-like)
zhiiwitaagana'igaazo vai it (animate) is salted (by someone), "they" salt it (animate)