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/-gaade-/ medial

Contains medial -gaad- + post-medial -e-.
body part; post-medial
aazhoogaadebi vai s/he sits with legs crossed
beshigaadeshin vai s/he gets or has a cut on h/ leg
biskigaadeni vai s/he bends, flexes,h/ leg
bishagigaadeshin vai s/he falls and scrapes h/ leg
bitaakogaadeshin vai s/he bumps h/ leg on something
bookogaadeshin vai s/he falls and breaks h/ leg
dazhogaadeni vai s/he stretchs out h/ leg or legs
dazhwaakogaadebi vai s/he sits with h/ legs spread out
dazhwaakogaadeni vai s/he spreads out h/ leg or legs
giishkigaadeshin vai s/he falls and cuts h/ leg
giishkigaadezhwi vta [NI] cut off h/ leg
godigogaadeshin vai s/he falls and sprains h/ leg
ikogaadeni vai s/he moves h/ leg or legs out of the way
izhigaadeni vai s/he moves h/ leg a certain way
mamaajigaaden vta move h/ legs
mamaajigaadeni vai s/he moves h/ (own) legs
mamaanjigogaadepizh vta restrain h/ by tying h/ arms
mamaanjigogaadepizo vai s/he is restrained by h/ legs being tied
michigaadeshin vai s/he lies with h/ leg or legs uncovered
nabanegaadeshimo vai s/he dances on one leg
nabogaadeshkoozo vai s/he is caught with h/ legs doubled up
ombigaaden vta lift h/ leg
ombigaadeni vai s/he raises, lifts h/ (own) leg
wiikogaadebizh vta pull h/ by the leg
wiisagigaadeshin vai s/he hurts h/ leg or legs on something or by falling
zagigaaden vta hold, grab h/ by the leg
zaagigaadeshin vai s/he lies with a leg or legs sticking out
zhegosagigaadeshin vai s/he gets a sliver in h/ leg
zinigogaaden vta rub h/ leg, massage h/ leg
zhiibigaadeni vai s/he stretches h/ leg