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/-ga'w/ final

act on h/ by ax
bajiishkiga' vta chop h/ pointed
bakwega' vta chop a piece off h/ (something of wood)
baasiga' vta chop h/ into small pieces (as something of wood)
bigishkiga' vta chop h/, it (animate) up
biisiga' vta chop h/ into kindling
biiwiga'wi vta [NI] chop it (animate) into chips
bookoga' vta chop h/ breaking h/ in two
dakwaakoga' vta chop h/ short
daashkiga' vta split h/ (by chopping)
ginwaakoga' vta chop h/ (something stick-like) so it is long
giishkiga' vta chop it (animate) (with an ax)
jiiboga'wi vta [BL] chop h/ pointed
jiigiga' vta hew, peel, or chip bark or other surface material off it (animate); debark it (animate)
maajiga' vta start chopping it (animate)
ozhiga' vta
  1. hew h/ to shape
  2. tap h/ (a tree, to get sap)