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/-enimo/ final

h/ acts by thought
apenimo vai s/he depends on, relies on something
apenimon vai + o s/he depends on (it); s/he relies on (it)
apiitenimo vai s/he is so proud of h/ self
aanawenimo vai s/he thinks h/ self unworthy, incapable, unable
bagidenimo vai s/he loses hope, gives up on something, lets go
ishpenimo vai s/he is proud, has self-respect
miikawaadenimo vai s/he thinks h /self beautiful
miikwenimo vai s/he has confidence, is confident; s/he is confident
na'enimo vai s/he stores things away
nichiiwenimo vai s/he is self-confident, thinks h/self important; s/he acts tough, is agressive
onzaamenimo vai s/he is elated, is overexcited
zhaagwenimo vai s/he is reluctant, is afraid to do something, is introverted, lacks self confidence