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/-enim/ final

act by thought on h/, feel about h/
agadenim vta be ashamed of, be embarrassed by h/
agaasenim vta think little of h/; think h/ insignificant
anaamenim vta suspect, blame h/
andawenim vta [N] need, want h/ or it (animate); hunt it (animate)
apiitenim vta regard h/ to such an extent, be so proud of h/
aagonweyenim vta disbelieve h/
aanawenim vta find h/ unsatisfactory, dislike, reject h/
aawenim vta identify h/
babaamenim vta pay attention to, worry about, be preoccupied with, bother h/
bagidenim vta
  1. release h/ from your mind
  2. let h/ or it (animate) go (and don't think about h/ or it)
  3. complete mourning for h/
  4. bury h/ or it (animate)
bagosenim vta wish of, have hope for h/; wish for, hope for h/
bamenim vta care for h/
banaadenim vta despair of h/; lose hope in h/
biigiskaadenim vta not be interested in h/ company; find h/ boring
boonenim vta quit thinking or worrying about h/; forget, ignore h/
dabasenim vta hold h/ in low regard
dagwenim vta include h/ in your thinking
danenim vta think, expect h/ to be in a certain place; have h/ in your mind
debweyenim vta believe in h/
dibenim vta control, own, rule h/
gagiibaadenim vta think h/ foolish
gagwaanisagenim vta think h/ terrible, think h/ disgusting
ganawenim vta take care of, protect, keep an eye on, keep h/
gezikwenim vta barely remember h/
gidimaagenim vta pity h/
gikenim vta know h/, know about h/, find out about h/, realize of h/
gitenim vta think highly of h/, respect h/
gizhaawenim vta be jealous of h/
giizhenim vta make up your mind about, know what to do with h/
goopadenim vta feel pity for h/, feel sorry about h/; think h/ worthless
gwayakwenim vta think h/ is right, correct; be sure, certain about h/
gwiinawenim vta miss, feel the absence of h/
inenim vta think of h/ a certain way
inigaayenim vta dislike, hate, despise h/ or it (animate)
ishkenim vta feel tired about h/ or it (animate), find h/ or it (animate) tiresome
ishpenim vta think highly of h/
jiikenim vta be pleased by, like h/ or it (animate); be proud of h/ or it (animate)
mayagendan vti think it strange
mayagenim vta think h/ strange
maamakaadenim vta be amazed at, be astonished at, wonder at h/
maaminonenim vta think about, consider, realize about, notice about h/
maanenim vta think or consider h/ bad, poor, or disagreeable
migoshkaadenim vta be annoyed, bothered, worried by h/
minjimenim vta keep h/ in h/ mind, remember h
minwenim vta like h/
misawenim vta want, desire h/
miigaadenim vta feel like fighting h/; think of h/ as an enemy or adversary
miigwechiwenim vta be thankful for h/
miikawaadenim vta think h/ beautiful
miikwenim vta have confidence in h/, is confident of h/
moonenim vta suspect, blame h/
nagadenim vta be used to, familiar with, acquainted with h/
nanaa'enim vta feel satisfied with h/
nandawenim vta [S] [S] need, want h/ or it (animate); hunt it (animate)
naniizaanenim vta think h/ dangerous; think h/ to be in danger
naagadawenim vta think about h/
naanaagadawenim vta think about, consider, realize about, notice about h/
naangenim vta think h/ light in weight
nisidawenim vta recognize h/
nishkaadenim vta feel mad at, feel angry at h/
nishkenim vta feel angry at, feel mad at h/
niinamenim vta think h/ weak
noodenim vta flirt with h/
ondamenim vta be preoccupied with, worry about h/
ondenim vta envy h/
onizhishenim vta think h/ or it (animate) is nice or looks nice
wanenim vta forget, ignore h/
wawiyadenim vta think h/ or it (animate) funny or cute
wiinenim vta consider h/ dirty
zanagenim vta think h/ difficult, think h/ hard
zhawenim vta bless, pity h/; have mercy, compassion for h/; show loving-kindess, unconditional love for h/
zhaagoodenim vta outthink, outwit h/; get the better of h/ (in a mental activity)
zhaagwenim vta think h/ weak, have doubts about h/
zhigadenim vta be tired of h/; be disgusted with h/
zinigwenim vta worry about h/; think about h/ all the time
zhiingenim vta dislike, disaprove of, hate h/