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/daw-/ initial

space, gap, opening
dawabi vai s/he makes room (for someone to sit)
dawaa vii there is a space, a gap, room
dawaabide vai s/he has a missing tooth or has missing teeth, has a gap in h/ teeth
dawaagonebidoon vti2 push snow off it, plow snow off it
dawaagone'an vti clear the snow off it (with something), shovel the snow off it
dawaakizo vai it (animate) has a passage burned through it
dawaakizwi vta [NI] burn a passage through it (animate)
dawaanimad vii the wind slows down for a little bit; there's a break in the wind
dawibidoon vti2 pull it apart to form a gap
dawibizh vta pull h/ apart to form a gap
dawigaabawi vai s/he makes room standing
dawikweni vai s/he moves h/ (own) head to make room
dawise vai s/he has time, is free (to do something)
dawisidoon vti2 put it somewhere to make a space, put it out of the way
dawishim vta put h/ somewhere to make space, put h/ out of the way
dawishkan vti make room for or in it (with foot or body)
dawishkaw vta make room for h/ (with body)