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/dak-/ initial

cool, chilly, cold
dakabi vai s/he sits in a cold place, lives in a cold house
dakadaawangaa vii there is cool sand, is a cool beach
dakagwinjidoon vti2 cool it in water
dakaji vai s/he gets a chill, has a cold
dakakamigaa vii it is cold ground
dakakamigaabaawe vii the ground is cooled by the rain
dakamanji'o vai s/he is chilled, feels cold
dakate vii it (a room or house) is cold
dakaa vii it (a thing) is cool
dakaabaawe vai s/he gets cold and wet
dakaabaawe vii it cools off in water
dakaabikad vii it (mineral) is cool, is cold
dakaabikisin vii it (mineral) cools off, is cooled off
dakaabikishin vai it (animate; mineral) cools off, is cooled off
dakaabikizi vai it (animate; mineral) is cool, is cold
dakaagamin vii it (a liquid) is cold
dakaagamisin vii it (a liquid) cools off
dakaagonesidoon vti2 cool it in the snow or with snow
dakaagoneshim vta cool it (animate) in the snow or with snow
dakaakweyaa vii it is cool among the trees
dakaanimad vii it is a cold wind
dakaasin vii it is cooled by the wind
dakaasindoon vti2 cool it in the wind, in the air
dakaashi vai s/he is cooled by the wind
dakaashim vta cool h/ in the wind, in the air
dakaawigane vai s/he has a cool back
dakendam vai2 s/he feels chilly, feels a chill
daki- pv lex cool, cold
dakibiisaa vii it is cold rain
dakibiisaan vii [BL] it is cold rain
dakidiye vai s/he has a cold rear
dakigamaabo ni [BL] a cool or cold drink
dakigamisidoon vti2 set it (liquid) to cool
dakijaane vai s/he has a cold nose
dakiminagisin vii it (something small and round, berry, grain) cools
dakininjii vai s/he has cool hand or cool hands
dakipon vii it is cold and snowing
dakisagaa vii it is a cool floor
dakise vai s/he cools
dakise vii it cools
dakisidoon vti2 set it to cool
dakisin vii it cools off
dakishim vta set it (animate) to cool
dakishin vai it (animate) cools off
dakizi vai s/he (an animate thing) is cool
dakizide vai h/ foot is chilled or cold, h/ feet are chilled or cold
dakizidewaji vai s/he gets cold feet
dakizideyaabaawe vai s/he cools h/ foot or feet in water
dakiigad vii it (sheet-like) is cool
dakiigizi vai it (animate; sheet-like) is cool
dakiingwe vai s/he has cold face
dakiiwagad vii it is cold meat
dakiiwagisin vii it (meat) cools off