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/dabas-/ initial

dabasabi vai s/he sits low
dabasadinaa vii it is a low small hill
dabasadowe vai s/he has short thin fur
dabasagoode vii it hangs low
dabasagoodoon vti2 hang it low or lower
dabasagoojin vai s/he hangs low
dabasagoozh vta hang h/ low or lower
dabasa'am vai2 s/he flies low
dabasakamigaa vii it is low ground
dabasakide vii it stands low
dabasakizo vai s/he (not a person) stands low
dabasakii vii it stands low out of the ground
dabasashkad vii it (plant, grass) has a low stalk, is low
dabasaa vii it is low
dabasaabi vai s/he looks down low
dabasaagamishkaa vai it (liquid) goes low; it (blood) is low in pressure
dabasaagonagaa vii there is low snow
dabasaakosin vii it (stick-like) lies low
dabasaakwaa vii there are low trees
dabasaakweyaa vii there is a low tree line
dabasaanakwad vii clouds are low
dabasaasin vii it is blown low
dabasaashi vai s/he is blown low, soars low
dabasaashkaa vii the waves are low
dabasendan vti hold it in low regard
dabasenim vta hold h/ in low regard
dabasibide vii it speeds, flies low
dabasibizo vai s/he speeds, flies low
dabasidiyebizo vai s/he wears h/ pants low on h/ butt
dabasigaabawi vai s/he stands short; s/he is of low stature
dabasikobaa vii it is low brush
dabasikozo vai h/ gets a short haircut, gets a brush cut
dabasise vai s/he, it (animate) flies low
dabasoonagad vii it (a boat) is low