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/-daadi/ final

agaamindekodaadiwag vai they live cross from each other in the lodge
aanikeshkodaadiwag vai they are next to each other
babaaminizhikodaadiwag vai they chase each other about
bisikodaadiwag vai they bump into, collide with each other
dangishkodaadiwag vai they kick each other
dazhiikodaadiwag vai they are involved with, are engaged with, deal with each other
maajiikodaadiwag vai they start fighting with each other
nagishkodaadiwag vai they meet each other (while going somewhere)
nakweshkodaadiwag vai they meet each other
niisaakiiwenizhikodaadiwag vai they chase each other downhill
noojiikodaadiwag vai [BL] they flirt with each other
wiidookodaadiwag vai they help each other
wiisagishkodaadiwag vai they hurt each other (by bumping)
wiisookodaadiwag vai they associate with each other, are with each other frequently, are friendly with each other