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/-daabii'iwe/ final

h/ drives
detransitive form with /-we/ of transitives in /-daabii'/
aazhawidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives across a bridge
bagamidaabii'iwe vai s/he arrives driving
bakobiidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives into the water
bejidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives slow
dibikidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives at night
gabadoodaabii'iwe vai s/he drives over a portage
gagwejidaabii'iwe vai s/he practices driving
gizhiidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives (a vehicle) fast
giiwedaabii'iwe vai s/he or it (animate) speeds, drives, flies home
gopidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives inland, into the woods, into the bush; s/he drives a team inland, into the woods, into the bush
ishkwedaabii'iwe vai s/he drives in last place
jiigewedaabii'iwe vai s/he drives, speeds along the shore or edge
madaabiidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives down to the shore
maajidaabii'iwe vai s/he starts driving, drives off, drives away
maajiidaabii'iwe vai s/he starts to drive away
minodaabii'iwe vai s/he drives well, is a good driver
niibaadaabii'iwe vai s/he drives at night
niigaanidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives in the lead; s/he leads pulling h/ load at the front
noogidaabii'iwe vai s/he stops driving a team of horses
waabanidaabii'iwe vai s/he drives until daylight
zaagewedaabii'iwe vai s/he drives into view as from around a corner