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/-daabaad/ final

drag, haul it
agwaabiidaabaadan vti drag it out of the water, drag it ashore
agwaabiidaabaazh vta drag h/ out of the water, drag h/ ashore
agwaadaabaadan vti drag it ashore
akwaandawedaabaadan vti climb up pulling or dragging it
animidaabaadan vti drag, pull it away (in the other direction)
azhedaabaadan vti drag it back
aanjidaabaadan vti drag, pull it to a new place
aawajidaabaadan vti haul it on sled or wagon
aazhawidaabaadan vti drag it across
babaamidaabaadan vti drag, pull it about
bagamidaabaadan vti arrive dragging it
bakobiidaabaadan vti drag it into the water
bimidaabaadan vti drag, pull it along
biijidaabaadan vti drag, pull it here
boozidaabaadan vti drag it aboard
bwaawidaabaadan vti have trouble dragging or pulling it; be unable to drag or pull it
gakiiwedaabaadan vti drag it across the portage
gijidaabaadan vti drag it out or off
giiwedaabaadan vti drag it home
ikodaabaadan vti drag it out of the way
izhidaabaadan vti drag, pull it to a certain place
madaabiidaabaadan vti drag it to the water
madaabiidaabaazh vta drag h/ or it (animate) to the water
onjidaabaadan vti drag, pull it from a certain place
zaagijidaabaadan vti drag it out