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/-boozo/ final

h/ is sawn, abraded
agaasiboozo vai it (animate) is sawn, filed small
bakiboozo vai it (animate; string-like) breaks or parts (from abrasion)
bigishkiboozo vai it (animate) is ground up
biigoboozo vai s/he breaks by abrasion
dakoboozo vai s/he is sawn short
gawiboode vii it is sawn down
gwayakoboozo vai s/he is sawn straight
jaagiboozo vai s/he is all sawed up, all ground up
mechiboozo vai s/he wears down, is worn (from abrasion)
zhaagawiboozo vai it (animate) is filed oblong or oval; it (animate) is sawn oblong or oval
zisiboozo vai s/he is filed, ground down