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/booz-/ initial

greasy, oily
Border Lakes
boozazhe vai [BL] s/he oils or greases h/ skin, applies lotion
boozaa vii [N] it is greasy, is oily
boozaabikad vii [BL] it (mineral) is greasy, is greased
boozaabikin vta grease, oil, lubricate h/ (mineral/metal)
boozaabikinan vti grease, oil, lubricate it (mineral)
boozaabikizi vai [BL] s/he (mineral) is greasy, is greased
boozaagamin vii it (a liquid) is greasy
booziginan vti [BL] grease, oil it [wood]
boozin vta [BL] grease, lubricate h/ (by hand); annoint h/
boozinan vti [BL] grease, lubricate it (by hand); annoint it
boozininjii vai [BL] h/ hand is greasy, hands are greasy