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/-bood/ final

act on it by sawing, abrading
agaasiboodoon vti2 saw, file it small
akwaakoboodoon vti2 saw it (stick-like) a certain length, saw it (stick-like) so long
bagoneboodoon vti2 saw or drill a hole in it
bajiishkiboodoon vti2 saw, grind it to a point
bakweboodoon vti2 saw a piece off it
basiboodoon vti2 file or plane a groove in it
bigishkiboodoon vti2 grind it up
biigoboodoon vti2 break it by abrasion (sawing, filing, grinding)
biisiboodoon vti2 grind, mill, grate it; saw it into small pieces
biiwiboodoon vti2 saw or grind it into small particles
bookoboodoon vti2 saw it in two
bookwaabikiboodoon vti2 break it (mineral.metal) by filing or sawing
daashkiboodoon vti2 saw it apart lengthwise
gakakiboodoon vti2 saw it into blocks
gawiboodoon vti2 saw it down
gaashiboodoon vti2 sharpen it (by abrasion)
giiniboodoon vti2 sharpen it (by filing or grinding)
giishkiboodoon vti2 saw it off
gwayakoboodoon vti2 saw it straight
jaagiboodoon vti2 saw it all up, grind it all up
madweboodoon vti2 be heard sawing or filing it
maajiboodoon vti2 start sawing, start filing it
ozhiboodoon vti2 saw or file it to shape
zhaagawiboodoon vti2 file it oblong or oval; saw it oblong or oval
zisiboodoon vti2 file, grind it down; sharpen it (an ax)
zhooshkoboodoon vti2 smooth it (by abrasion)