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/bit-/ initial

bichi- pv lex accidentally, by accident
bichibizo vai s/he is accidentally run over
bichibo vai s/he is poisoned
bichi' vta mistake h/ for someone else; take h/ by accident
bichinan vti shoot it accidentally
bichinaw vta shoot h/ accidentally
bisikan vti hit it in an accident; bump it
bisikaw vta bump h/ (with foot or body); hit h/ in an accident; body check h/
bisom vta offend, insult h/ (by speech)
bitaganaam vta accidentally hit h/
bitaganaandan vti accidentally hit it
bita' vta accidentally hit h/ (using something)
bita'an vti accidentally hit it (using something)
bitam vta bite, eat h/ accidentally
bitandan vti bite, eat it accidentally
bitaabikishin vai s/he hits a rock in the water or a reef
bitaakobatoo s/he runs into a wall or tree
bitaakobwaameshin vai s/he bumps h/ thigh on something
bitaakodooskwaneshin vai s/he bumps h/ elbow on something
bitaakogaadeshin vai s/he bumps h/ leg on something
bitaakogidigweshin vai s/he bumps h/ knee on something
bitaakojaaneshin vai s/he bumps h/ nose on something
bitaakondibeshin vai s/he bumps h/ head
bitaakonikeshin vai s/he bumps h/ arm on something
bitaakoninjiishin vai s/he bumps h/ hand on something
bitaakoshin vai s/he bumps, hits against something accidentally (as something stick- or wood-like)
bitaakoshkaw vta bump into h/ accidentally; collide with h/
bitaakoshtigwaaneshin vai s/he bumps head against something accidentally
bitaakotigwaaneshin vai [BL] s/he bumps head against something accidentally
bitaakozideganaam vta accidentally hit h/ on the foot
bitaakozideshin vai s/he bumps h/ foot on something, stubs h/ toe
bitaakwa'e vai s/he accidentally shoots a tree
bitaakwiingweshin vai s/he bumps h/ face on something
bitikodan vti cut it accidentally (with a knife)
bitikozh vta cut h/ accidentally (with a knife)
bitizh vta cut h/ accidentally
bitizhan vti cut it accidentally
bizikan vti bump, accidentally run into or over it
bizikaw vta bump, accidentally run into or over h/
bizikoode vii it gets hit by something falling
bizikoozo vai s/he gets hit by something falling, gets run over