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/bishigw-/ initial

bishigobide vii it slips, slips off
bishigobidoon vti2 miss grabbing or catching it
bishigobizh vta miss grabbing or catching h/
bishigobizo vai s/he slips, slips off; s/he drives off the road, derails
bishigon vta drop or let h/ go from your grasp; miss grabbing or catching h/
bishigonan vti drop or let it go from your grasp; miss grabbing or catching it
bishigosidoon vti2 miss putting it in the right place
bishigoshim vta miss putting h/ in the right place
bishigoshkan vti miss it with foot or body
bishigoshkaw vta miss h/ with foot or body
bishigowebinan vti throw something at it and miss
bishigozhaazo vai s/he pees and misses
bishigwabi vai s/he sits and misses the chair
bishigwaganaandan vti hit at and miss it
bishigwa' vta miss h/ (using something); hit h/ in wrong place (using something)
bishigwa'an vti miss it (using something); hit it in wrong place (using something)
bishigwam vta try biting h/ and miss; drop h/ from the mouth
bishigwandan vti try biting it and miss; drop it from the mouth
bishigwapidoon vti2 miss trying to tie it
bishigwapizh vta miss in trying to tie h/
bishigwaakwii vai s/he misses h/ grip (on something stick-like such as a railing, bar, or handle)
bishigwaandawe vai s/he misses h/ footing climbing