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/bishag-/ initial

bishagam vta peel h/ with the teeth
bishaganagekobidoon vti2 peel bark off it with the hands
bishagandan vti peel it with the teeth
bishagaakwa' vta peel or scrape bark off it (animate) (using something)
bishagaakwa'an vti peel or scrape bark off it (using something)
bishagaakwam vta chew bark off h/ (a tree)
bishagaaso vai s/he peels from being sunburned
bishagibide vii it peels off in a machine
bishagibidoon vti2 peel it (with hands)
bishagibizh vta peel h/ (with hands)
bishagibizo vai it (animate) peels off in a machine
bishagidooskwaneshin vai s/he skins h/ elbow on something
bishagigaadeshin vai s/he falls and scrapes h/ leg
bishagigidigweshin vai s/he skins h/ knee
bishagikodan vti peel it (with a knife)
bishagikozh vta peel h/ (with a knife, pare h/
bishaginikeshin vai s/he falls and skins h/ arm
bishagipinii vai s/he peels potatoes
bishagise vii it peels, peels off
bishagisidoon vti2 scrape, skin it on something
bishagishim vta scrape, skin h/ on something
bishagishkaa vii it peels off
bishagishkaa vai s/he peels, peels off
bishagiwebishkan vti peel it (by foot or body action)
bishagizideshin vai s/he skins h/ foot on something
bishagiingweshin vai s/he falls and skins h/ face
bisha'igobii vai s/he peels basswood bark