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/bikw-/ initial

lump, bump
bikojii vai s/he is paunchy, is pot-bellied
bikokobaa vii it is a clump of brush
bikominagad vii it (something small and round) is round like a ball, is globular
bikominagijaane vai s/he has a bulbous nose
bikonagizhii vai s/he has a potbelly
bikosin vii it lies like a lump or bump
bikoshin vai s/he lies like a bump or lump
bikwadaawangaa vii it is sand dune or sand hill
bikwadinaa vii it is a knoll, is a hill
bikwakamigaa vii there is a hump or mound in the ground
bikwaabikadinaa vii there is a rocky hill or hills
bikwaabikaa vii it is a rocky mound or hill
bikwaabiigad vii it (string-like) has a knot, has a lump on it
bikwaabiigizi vai it (animate; string-like) has a knot, has a lump on it
bikwaagonebizotoon vti2 drive it making a snow pile
bikwaagone'an vti put it in a snow pile (using something)
bikwaagone'wi vta put it (animate) in a snow pile (using something)
bikwaakoninjiini vai s/he makes a fist
bikwaawigane vai [N] s/he is a hunchback
bikwegishin vii it lies in a hump as under a blanket or cover