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/-biisaan/ final

it rains
animibiisaan vii [BL] rain goes away
animwewebiisaan vii [BL] rain is heard going away [in the other direction]
bagamibiisaan vii rain is on the way
bimibiisaan vii [BL] rain goes along, a rain squall passes by
bimwewebiisaan vii [BL] rain is heard going along
biidwewebiisaan vii rain is heard coming
biijibiisaan vii [BL] rain comes
biisibiisaan vii [BL] there is light rain, drizzle; it is drizzling
biiswewebiisaan vii there is the sound of light rain, of drizzle
dakibiisaan vii [BL] it is cold rain
gashkawanibiisaan vii there is a misty rain
gizhiiwewebiisaan vii [BL] the rain is loud
inwewebiisaan vii [BL] the rain sounds a certain way, sounds like it goes a certain way
ishkwaabiisaan vii [BL] the rain is over
madwebiisaan vii rain is audible, "you" can hear the rain
mamaangwewebiisaan vii [BL] the sound of big rain drops is heard
maajibiisaan vii [BL] it starts raining
minwewebiisaan vii [BL] the rain sounds nice
niiskaajibiisaan vii [BL] it is a nasty rain
ondwewebiisaan vii [BL] rain is heard coming from a certain place