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/-biisaa/ final

it rains
animibiisaa vii rain goes away
animwewebiisaa vii [MN] rain is heard going away [in the other direction]
awanibiisaa vii it is misty, is drizzling, is sprinkling (rain)
aabijibiisaa vii it rains without stopping
babaamibiisaa vii rain goes about
babimibiisaa vii [S] rain keeps going along, rain squalls pass by
babiisibiisaa vii there is light rain, drizzle; it is drizzling
bagamibiisaa vii rain is on the way
bangibiisaa vii it is a cloudburst; the rain pours down
bapangibiisaa vii rain drops fall
bimibiisaa vii rain goes along, a rain squall passes by
bimwewebiisaa vii [MN] rain is heard going along
biidwewebiisaa vii [MN] rain is heard coming
biijibiisaa vii [S] rain comes
biindigebiisaa vii [BL] [BR] [C] rain comes inside
biisibiisaa vii there is light rain, drizzle; it is drizzling
boonibiisaa vii it stops raining, the rain stops
dakibiisaa vii it is cold rain
gibichibiisaa vii the rain lets up
gizhiiwewebiisaa vii the rain is loud
giizhoobiisaa vii it is warm rain
inwewebiisaa vii [MN] the rain sounds a certain way, sounds like it goes a certain way
ishkwaabiisaa vii the rain is over
izhibiisaa vii [S] rain goes a certain way
madwebiisaa vii rain is audible, "you" can hear the rain
mamaangibiisaa vii there are big drops of rain
maajibiisaa vii it starts raining
miziwebiisaa vii [S] it's raining all over
ondwewebiisaa vii [MN] rain is heard coming from a certain place
onjibiisaa vii [S] rain comes from a certain way