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/biimaskw-/ initial

biimaskobidoon vti2 twist it, turn it around (with the hands)
biimaskobizh vta twist it (animate), turn it (animate) around (with the hands)
biimaskoganese vai s/he twists h/ ankle
biimaskogaabawi vai s/he twista around standing
biimaskogi vai s/he grows twisted
biimaskogin vii it grows twisted
biimaskokan vti twist it, turn it around (with foot or body)
biimaskokaw vta twist h/, turn h/ around (with foot or body)
biimaskon vta twist, turn h/ (around a central point)
biimaskonan vti twist, turn it (around a central point)
biimaskowebin vta spin h/ around
biimaskowebinan vti spin it around
biimaskwa' vta twist, screw h/ (using something)
biimaskwa'an vti twist, screw it (using something)
biimaskwaakwa'an vti turn it (a log) (using something)
biimaskwaasin vii it shifts, turns in the wind
biimaskwaashi vai s/he shifts, turns in the wind