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/-bii/ final

s/he or it (animate) does in relation to water or another liquid; s/he is drunk
akobii vai s/he is so far into the water
apiichibii vai s/he is intoxicated to such an extent
aabitoobii vai s/he or it (animate) is half full (of liquid)
aatebii vai s/he sobers up
bagamibii vai s/he arrives drunk
biindigedebii vai s/he enters drunk
gawibii vai s/he falls down drunk
giiwashkwebii vai s/he is drunk
gwaaba'ibii vai s/he draws water
gwiinobii vai s/he is unable to find a drink
mawibii vai s/he cries while drinking
minobii vai s/he drinks and is merry
mookibii vai s/he emerges from the water
mookobii vai s/he cries while drinking, cries when drunk
moona'ibii vai s/he digs a well, digs or drills for water
nandoobii vai s/he looks for a liquid, looks for a drink
naniinawibii vai s/he feels sad or remorseful while drunk
naawibii vai s/he is partly full (of liquid)
naazibii vai [BL] s/he goes down to the water, goes after water
nishkibii vai s/he is angry when drinking
ondamibii vai s/he is busy drinking
onzaamibii vai s/he drinks too much
wakebii vai s/he gets drunk easily
wiikwa'ibii vai s/he pumps, draws water
zaaganakibii vai the top of the tree sticks out above the water
zhiibibii vai s/he doesn't get drunk easily