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/-bide/ final

it moves without obstruction: flies, speeds, falls, drives; it undergoes mechanical action: runs, operates
agwaabide vii it drives, speeds to shore
angobide vii it wears out (in operation)
animibide vii it speeds away, drives away, flies away
animwewebide vii it speeds, drives, flies away making noise
apiichibide vii it speeds, drives, flies, runs (as a machine) at a certain speed
awasewebide vii it drives out of view around something
azhebide vii it slips back; it speeds back, drives back
aabidwewebide vii it runs with constant noise; it operates with constant noise
aabijibide vii it drives, runs, operates continuously
aapijibide vii it drives, runs, operates without stopping
aazhawibide vii it speeds, drives, flies across
aazhogebide vii it drives across a bridge
babaamibide vii it speeds about, drives about, flies about
bagamibide vii it arrives speeding, driving, flying
bagamwewebide vii it can be heard driving in, arriving
bakebide vii it speeds, drives, falls off to the side, off the main path; it drives off to the side
bakobiibide vii it falls, drives, plunges into the water
bakwajibide vii it comes off or has a piece come off in operation
banangwaabiigibide vii [BL] it (something string-like) gets loose in operation
bejibide vii it runs (as a machine), operates, drives slowly
bengobide vii it spin dries
bimibide vii it speeds, drives, flies along
bimwewebide vii it is heard speeding, driving along
bimweweyaabikibide vai it speeds by on the tracks
bishagibide vii it peels off in a machine
bishigobide vii it slips, slips off
biidwewebide vii it is heard speeding. driving, flying here
biijibide vii it speeds, drives, flies here
biindigebide vii it speeds, drives, flies inside
biinjibide vii it drives, speeds, flies, falls in
bwaawibide vii it is unable to drive, unable to run or operate
dabasibide vii it speeds, flies low
danwewebide vii it is heard driving, running, operating in a certain place
debwewebide vii it is heard driving, running, operating in the distance
didibibide vii it rolls, goes around
didibide vti rotate, roll it
ditibibide vii it rolls
diitibibide vii it rolls down off
dwaabide vii it drives through ice
gagiizhibaabide vii it goes around and around: spins, whirls, revolves
gidashkibide vii it is threshed and winnowed in a machine
gidaabiigibide vii it (something string-like) comes off in operation
gijibide vii it falls off in operation, pops off
gizhibaabide vii it speeds or drives around in a circle: spins, whirls, revolves
gizhiibide vii it moves, runs, operates, speeds, drives, flies fast
gizhiiwewebide vii it make a loud noise speeding or operating
giiwebide vii
giiwitaabide vii it speeds, drives, flies around in circle
gopibide vii it drives up from the water
gwayakobide vii it speeds, drives, flies straight
gwekibide vii it turns, changes direction driving
ipide vii it speeds, drives, flies to a certain place or in a certain way
ishpaabiigibide vii it moves up high fast on a string or line
ishpibide vii it flies high
jiigewebide vii it speeds, drives along the shore or edge
madaabiibide vii it drives to shore
madwebide vii it is heard driving, is heard running or operating, is idling
mamaajibide vii it shakes (in operation)
mashkawibide vii it runs, drives, operates powerfully
maajiibide vii it starts running, starts operating; it drives off, speeds off
maanwewebide vii it sounds bad running [motor]
maazhibide vii it runs, operates poorly (as a machine)
minobide vii it runs well (as a machine)
minwewebide vii it sounds good running [motor]
naazhibide vii [BL] it goes down fast to a lower position: flies, falls, slides, speeds down
niigaanibide vii it drives in the lead
niisaakiiwebide vii it speeds, drives, flies, falls downhill
niisibide vii it speeds, flies, falls lower
noogibide vii it stops driving, stops speeding
ombibide vii it flies, speeds upwards
onjibide vii it drives, speeds, falls from a certain place
onzaamibide vii it drives or operates too fast, too far, or excessively
ozhaashibide vii it speeds sliding or slipping, skids
washkibide vii it makes a turn speeding, driving, flying
weba'aagonebide vii it removes snow (as a machine)
zanagibide vii it runs or operates with difficulty
zhaabobide vii it falls, drives through
zaagewebide vii it drives, speeds suddenly into view
zaagijibide vii it flies, falls, speeds out
ziigibide vii it pours out quick, spills over
zhooshkobide vii it slides, slips, skids